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Just bought a new S7000 and have been very pleased with it although as a beginner photographer it is a pretty steep learning curve. What settings for quality are the best to use - 12mp or 6 mp. I hae read ideas on both although some claim thet 12mp is the natural resolution for this camera.

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The CCD is a 6MP however I have also read that the camera's firmware reads all captures at 12MP and then downsizes them (???). I will let you know when (if ever) mine arrives, but I would suggest using 12MP fine for important pictures, most sites agree that this equates to close to the 8MP images of the more expensive models out there.

I am also about to be a new owner (still waiting for delivery) so I will keep in touch.

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Just did some test pics on my S7000 of two objects. I photographed both at 12mp fine and 6mp. Interestingly enough the 6mp images came out much sharper in both print and on screen.
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A pardox ... the 6 MP sensor is rotated, so you and I can make no sense of this rotated image data. It first needs to be rotated into a "normal" x,y array ... thus the interpolated 12 MP size is achieved. This is native with the S7000 .. it does this automatically in camera ... you cannot stop it. This is then the "Best" image quality you can realize, for downsampling to any other size will introduce some quality degradation. That this looks better to you is one thing, the fact remains, it is not a better quality. The nature of the CCD used.

Happy Shooting !


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I would say that Ive had the same thing with looking at the images side by side on the computer (the 6 looking sharper than the 12) but Ive seen some amazing 12mp images printed out with amazing sharpness. So Im kinda up in the air on this one. Im figuring if your doing a 20x30 print the 12 is going to look sharper than the 6. Let me know if Im wrong but I don't think I am.
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