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Just wondering. Fuji has upgraded the S5000 to the S5100/5500. Anyone hear any rumors about a successor for the S7000? Any guesses when it mght be expected?
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Chances are its coming soon, probably an s7500, with either something like a 6MPix (12MPix) version of the SuperCCD SR sensor, or maybe a 6MPix'standard' CCD sensor.

Expect it to be expensive though and probably not worth the money until it gets reduced to nearly half the price like with the s7000 :roll:
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I thought the S20 was suppose to be the answer. Built on the same frame but lower resolution. I'm not sure what they were trying to accomplish with that model? Everyone going up in resolution and they jumped down. It would have been nice to see a native 6MP with the added performance. :-)How about Flash Updates to firmware like every other manufacture. The one thing where Fuji misses the consumer market is they don't support their existing models.

My Requests:
  • A lower ISO setting available[/*]
  • Multiple quality settings at lower resolutions[/*]
  • RAW Software that actually allows you to manipulate the final image[/*]
  • A native CCD not a Interpol image[/*]
  • Flash Updatable with new firmware improvements released[/*]
  • Change the lense. This is the same lense since the 602. Lets come up with something even better!
Don't get me wrong, I really like my S7000 but there is room for improvement. I think the biggest thing they need is just to listen to consumers and understand their market. FUJI Listen UP
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