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Default s602 shutter speed

hi, another hopeless beginner here.
i just need to know the best way to take pictures of very fat moving objects, in this case skateboarders.

the manual says use 'SP' mode and use the action shot settign, or use 'S' or 'M' modes and adjust the shutter speed. ive tried all of the above, and put the shutter speed right up to 10 000, and still when i take the picture there is a delay of 1 to 2 seconds, the flash goes off long after the subject has moved out of focus.

anybody have any advice????
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A few ideas.

Prefocus. In fact, try the manual focus and prefocus. Using manual focus, find an object that is as far away as the skateboarders will be when you shoot and get a good focus on it. Since you're using manual focus it will stay focussed at that distance. To maximize the range of good focus, use the smallest aperture (which means the highest number) you can while keeping the shutter speed high enough to freeze the action. (Don't try to use such a high shutter speed as 1/10,000 unless you need it.) You can change the focus at any time to try a different shot.

Then, when you're ready to shoot, before the boarder comes into range, go ahead and press the shutter button half way. That's called "prefocus," but you're already focussed. It also sets your exposure and gets the camera ready to shoot. When the boarder's where you want him, click away. The lag will be very short, less than 1/5th of a second.

Another thing to try. Use the burst mode. You can do all as above, and use burst mode--there are several options to choose from. That way you can start shooting right before the shot you want and stop right after, and you'll have several shots to choose from. (Helps if you have a lot of memory.)

Good luck.
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thanks alot, will give that a try
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