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Default Cannon s30 or Finepix 3800z

Ok, aside from the zoom difference, the finepix being 6 optical and the cannon being 3 im really not sure about which one to get. The EVF problems ive read about the finepix are really making me change my mind, i really liked the 6 optical thing and the fact that it could be used as a webcam but all these reviews i read give the s30 a much better grade.

If you could help me decide, itd be really appreciated.

Jaime - Spain
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S30 is probably a better camera but gives you less and charges yopu more. The lens is useless at 35-105.

Go the Fuji, buy a wide angle lens and you have a hell of a camera.
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I have no problems with the EVF.
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The 3800 EVF is a problem in low light (less than 100 watts in a small room or less than 300-400 in a larger room). The viewfinder is almost black except for things near the sources of light. It also has focussing problems in these low light conditions.
As a Web Cam you need strong light on whatever you want to be shown, like a 250 watt desk lamp without a shade a foot or two from the subject. You do not get a 1/2 sec exposure: you get the same approx shutter speed (maybe 1/10 sec?) you do when you take short videos with it. Studio type lighting would be better. You also need to buy Fuji's 5 volt AC adapter to use it as a Web Cam.
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