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Hi, all.

Using "normal", automatic flash, redeye in just about every photo. Also, bluish spots, of varying sizes, visible mostly (but not exclusively) over dark areas.

Fuji stated*that redeye could be reduced using a special flash mode and that the spots was flash being refelected off dust particles in the air; that could be reduced by using a S-L-O-W flash mode.

So, what I now have is a lot of blurry photos, no redeye (because you can't see the eyes, they're so blurred) and still those damn spots (take a look at the TV's screen!).

Suggestions, anyone???

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I have this camera and i get the same problems. My last camera did this and i just took the front lense off. If i can find a tool to fit the screws on this camera ill probobly do the same thing. The dust is at a distance the lense seems to want to focus on the particles insted of the subjects.

I would think the slow flash is whats causing the blur. Try to activate the self timer and sit the camera on somthing and see if this stabalizes the picture. I think the slow flash also slows the shutter speed down and this can cause blur. I think they call it "slow syncro" or somthing. Im not sure what that mode would be used for. Maybe night on a tripod?

What you can do is hold the camera up to some bright sunlight and tilt the camera so you can see a reflection of the front of the lense, maybe you can then see the dust on the lense thats causing the small spots. Its a cool little camera but i can see this front shild lense causing some bad images. Its really not needed, it just hinders the pictures. I know why they put it on, but if you look how deep the actual camera lense is into the camera, i dont see anything damaging it.

I noticed with my old camera (fujifilm DX10) i would get the spots like you get when i had light from the sides or top. I learned to move the camera angle so the light wouldnt glare the dust on the lense. I can see you have light comming from your left, this would cause the spots. If you moved so the light was behind you it would help, OR shild the side of the camera so the light couldnt hit the lense and shine the dust. Try using your hand cuped around the side where the light is.
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I took my lense out of mine last night, wether it was the right thing to do or not i know i wont get the glare spots anymore. It was somthing i did early to my DX10 when i got it back in the late 90s and i used it up till just this year and its still taking great pictures for my nephew.

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