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Default a few questions about 602z

no wonder, a gr8 camera , but a few qs. keep on comin in my mind . would someone be kind enough to direct me :
1- can the firmware updates make it possible for rhe camera to read the distance of object in focus and display onto the screen . although it does calc. the distance as pointed out in many reviews,it just doesn't show.twould b gd 4 niteshots.isn't.
2-hows the quality of sound recording during movie . and also , if it detorites when optical zoom is used .
thanx a lot
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What s602z firmware updates are these then? Tell me more. Is that the 1 wot puts all the menus into Japanese?
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1- I doubt any firmware upgrade would offer that feature. I don't even now if you can upgrade the firmware on S602 (except by sending it to Fuji)
2- The more far you are, the more low the sound of target source will be and the more interferences you can have. So the sound will be less clear with the distance, not with the zoom on.
For the few times I used the video functionality, the sound is really great in normal situations (at home or outdoor), but really bad in noisy restaurants or bars.
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You can't expect much from an electret omni mic planted in the cam body. Should be about as good as a mobile phone. I.e o.k close to, no shaped polar response so no selectivity, probably has auto level enabled and picks up everything it can! Treat it like a dictaphone.
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