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Hi, the problem I find is I have got used to the 602's high quality stills on my 19" pc monitor. I've also seen 3Mpix Fine on a 42" plasma. But motion video at the 602 quality level just turns me off when it can be done better in MPEG compression formats, which are actually designed for better motion portrayal.

OK, you can turn off all the creative controls like zoom, pans and focus to reduce artefact generation - but then that's not very creative motion video is it?

If I was using my Casio mini Tv and pda's, I'd be happy with the quality, and there are uses for 'email quality' video. What I do find appealing though, is the 602's multi-shot modes and compiling slideshows from stills as AVI. It's not video, but less storage better quality with more control over down sample file size and portable to most pc's.
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[ Who knows? Perhaps I've lost partial hearing from listening to loud music and extended listening periods. Knock on wood, I hope my vision remains 20/20.[/quote]
Alakai, I like your sense of humor. And thanks for your input. I enjoy reading yours and "voxmagna's" posts.
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