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I got my S3100 for christmas used it about 4 or 5 times and then put it in its case and in my office. Summer rolls around so I get it down in May and take 1 picture with it, shuts off and I couldnt get it to turn back on.

Its still covered under warrantee So I thought no big deal so checked on the fuji site and found my nearest repair shop that will do warrantee work and take it in June 1. They say they will call me in 7-10 days and it will be ready...Never hear anything so I call them they say they had to order a mainboard for it.So ok another couple weeks pass by and they say the part was on backorder but they will call me when they get it done. Couple more weeks pass dont hear anything so I call them and they say it will be done in a couple days. So Im thinkin GREAT! just in time for the 4th some parties my vacation! So I go on over and the guy says its giving them the "blues"(whatever that means) and asks if it has ever gotten wet. Of course it hasnt, I have rarely ever used it and it looks the exact same as when it came out of the box.And of course says he will call when its ready but thats just notgood enough so I call the next week cause Im thinkinghow I would be if something was doing this I would be working onit just to get it out of my repair shop!

Not ready yet thoughso nowyet another week has went by its been about 43 days weddings, reunions, vacations,4 year old learninghow toswim on hisown and soon to be air show andanother trip is passing by.

So Im asking people with experience in this...Is this common? Does it really take this long to fix a camera? Should I just tell them to give it back and send it off to the main fuji repair place in NJ? Im really getting to the point to where it could be nasty on my next phone call or visit there.
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