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I leave a 128SM card and 1Gb MD in the cam all the time and just select the card I want to shoot with or download from in the 602 menu.
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Thanks for the info. I'm sure this is in my manual and I've just overlooked.
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Default 602 and compact flash cards

The 602 Zoom has a fairly high write speed. The slower write speeds of the "standard" compact flash cards may not be able to keep up with the camera speed. The higher end cards have no problems. For example, my Sandisk 128 card only allows me 15 seconds of AVI. My Sandisk Ultra 128 allows 22 seconds of video. My Lexar Pro 40X 256 allows me to fill up the card with one AVI file, and I can shoot 6 megapixel JPGs (2.3 megabyte files) at about one shot per second. The newer generation cards are designed with faster write speeds, and different controlers (and buffers?) to be able to handle the upper end digital SLRs, so they are 100% compatible with the 602 Zoom. The lowest end Lexar card (4X) does not work in the 602 since it is so slow. In general, the multiplier is approximately 150kb per second. That doesn't necessarily mean that the actual write speed is that fast. The standard Sandisk writes at speeds of about 700 to 800 kb per second, and the Sandisk Ultra is above 1100 kbps. The new Sandisk Extreme cards are suppose to be twice as fast as the Ultras. And, Lexar just put out a 2Gb 40X card for $700. In dpreview.com, the author used a Viking brand card and said it was 100% compatible. The long term advantage of the upper end cards is that they should be compatible with the next generation of cameras as we upgrade let's say 5 years from now. The slower cards, on the other hand, may not work in the upper end cameras. I personally hope that the xD cards do not take over the market. I kind of like the slightly larger CF cards. Finally, I don't believe that Fuji technicians are taking the time or want the liabilities of testing non-Fuji brand digital media. Therefore, they won't be able to accurately advise anyone on card compatibility.
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