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:?Hi, I need a piece of ur advice. I wish to be one of a serious photographer like u guys and i need an advice whether ornot to buy the S9000/S9500 Fuji DSLR.

Please also mark a copy to [email protected]

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This is not a DSLR model. Fuji's DSLR models are theS1, S2, and S3 Pro. The forum you posted in is designed for topics related to these 3 DSLR models.

The S9000/S9500is "DSLR Like" (a term manufacturers sometimes use to describe cameras in this market niche), but it's not a DSLR.

So, I'll move this post to the Fujifilm Forum, where you may get some responses from others looking at what this camera has to offer.

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Hi, Nanda

I received an S9000 as a Christmas present, and so far, I love it. I can't say if I qualify as a serious photographer, but have been taking a lot more pictures since switching from film to this, my first digital.

As pointed out, this isn't technically a DSLR camera, though it looks like one, and almost acts like one. The lens is not removable. But it is a 28-300 mm equiv. zoom, so it covers most of the shots I plan. I have ordered a wide-angle lens that can screw onto the front of the attached lens. A 2x telephoto is also available.

The viewfinder is also not through the lens, but is an electronic display. However, as far as I can tell, it covers and accurately portrays the scene on the CCD.

Other than that, it seems equivalent to many DSLRs. I won't repeat all the features you can find on the spec sheets, but it seems comparible to the Nikon D50 or Canon Rebel, and has more megapixels.

Most of the various features and settings are found on a series of menu screens that are manipulated by arrow keys. My only concern is the number of screens I sometimes have to go through to get to a setting. However, I'd still prefer that to having a lot of buttons scattered around the camera body. But, YMMV.
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My son-in-law has a Nikon D70. And he thought I was a bit unwise for choosing the Fuji S9000. He pointed out a number of advantages of choosing a camera like his. Higher ISO settings, faster burst (multiple image shooting), bigger sensor, incredible reputation, just to mention a few of his reasons. Although his Nikon is only a 6 MP camera, the pictures it produces are very impressive. But they are no more impressive than what I can produce with the S9000, particularly when using ISO settings of 400 or lower. But you have to pay attention to what you are doing. It really isn't a simple point and shoot camera, and to use it effectively you need to become aware of the different modes and learn how to use them. Another thing to consider is that if you decide to purchase a dSLR you will probably have to purchase at least two and possibly three lenses to have the range that you would have with the Fuji S9000. On the other hand, you will have a much greater selection of f-stops in the SLR. If you absolutely must have the ultimate flexibility possible and have plenty of money to spend you will probably be happier with the dSLR. But if you want good high-quality images at a reasonable cost I think you would be wise to choose the Fuji 9000. With all of the extra lenses my son-in-law has, he has invested close to $2000 in his camera. I am just not in the position to spend that much money on a hobby.
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The S9000 has just about every bell and whistle you could want.
You don't need to use them all up-front.

The only difficulty I've found is the menu size.
There are a bunch of menus with micro-symbols.
Yep, all the menus ARE needed for the MANY functions, but,
I have "eldery" eyes and, even at the expense of MORE menus,
I would like them to be bigger.
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