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It is normal for both screens to blank until there is enough charge on the internal flash to produce a suitable pic.

The power for the flash is coming from the camera batteries so if these are marginal, the camera would shut down. Toss a fresh set of batteries in the unit and see what happens. If that is not the problem, then there is something wrong with the camera.
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My Fuji S5200 does exactly the same thing, no doubt because recharging the flash takes a lot of battery power. I'm not 100 percent sure, but I think most, if not all non-SLR digicams do this. One way around it would be to have seperate batteries for the camera and the flash, but I don't know if anyone makes cameras that way. An external flash would be the best option in any case.
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It's basically engineerd this way to improve flash recharging time I guess ... to make it faster to take the next pic ... you have only 4 AA batteries in your cam ... at least that makes sense.
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By the way, my S5200 took the same amount of time to recycle the flash when running on internal batteries as it did when powered through an AC-DC adapter. I do not recall if it blanked the screen, however, when running on AC power.

I will test flash recyle time and whether or not the screen blanks while recycling on my S9000 while on Ac power when I get the chance.

If it does not blank and/or recycles much faster, an external power pack (a DPS-9000 or something similar) might be an option.


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