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While it takes great pictures at low light with no flash needed. All of the pictures came out at ISO1600 when I use the "Natural Light" scene position which made the pictures comes out not as sharp and quite noisy when I print at 13x19.

Is there a better way to manual set this camera when taking pictures in low light condition without pushing the ISO all the way to 1600. Please share your settings. Thanks.
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I have had great success with my Fuji F-10. However, I avoid the Natural Light Mode and just use the "M" position on the Mode Selector, which works very similiar to the "P" or Program Mode on many other digital cameras. Here is a handheld, no flash indoor example take at ISO 1600.

Sarah Joyce
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speaklightly wrote:
I have had great success with my Fuji F-10.

I'm very interested in youropinion on the Fuji F10. I want to buy it for my wife as a gift and am a little worried reading some posts. My wife wants a pocket P&S which can be used (also in low light conditions) in its inherent sense: point-and-shoot.

What special issues are there with the camera? What settings should be used to make it as easy and simple as possible? Avoiding automatic mode and exposure correction -1/3 are often mentioned. Please be so kind as to share your experience.

kind regards, nymano.
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When you use manual mode - What do you change your exposure control or WB to? Thanks.

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It is funny how we use our cameras. I have my F 10 set on Natural mode and will shoot with it first before I use any flash or any other mode. If I do not like my photo, I then will change to another setting. I have take over a thousand shots that way and have found them to be very pleasing.

This is not meant to be a criticism. I think that this speaks highly of Fuji in that they created what the critics have called a "simple" camera yet it can be used individualistically .

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I am the kind of person that loves the high ISO ability, but will do my best to avoid it if at all possible. I put it on manual to adjust primiarily exposure compensation and ISO, and white balance if really needed. I've found the slow synchro flash to do wonders in the right situation. It's more nautral than normal flash, but you can use a lower ISO handheld than without the flash.
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Im planning to buy my camera the soonest i can.

I want to get the Fujifilm F11 but they're not releasing it here in the US.

How is the F10?

1. Is it great to use during night shots?

2. Does it have an image stabilizer built in like other cameras?

3. Hmm... Of course image quality. Great? Sharp? Not so sharp?

Thanks guys/.
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