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Hey everybody. Well, here's the story: I take pictures for my school paper. I'm basically they're only photographer. After taking picture of the track team running by, I realized I needed help, because every picture came out blury. So, I decided to turn up the shutter speed. Although much clearer, I got a MUCH darker picture. My next assignment is a football game, which will be hard if I dont get this problem fixed. Can anyone help me? Thank you!,

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are you using a tripod???

if you are not, you should use it

it will help with the blurriness from camera motion, but your subjects will still be motion blurry if your speeds are too slow... try raising the ISO (remember that this means more noise)

i think to stop action on a football game you need to usa at least 1/30 or 1/60 of a second...

also, remember to keep the aperture at the max possible (the smaller number)...

this will help get more light into the sensor...
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You are much better than me, at least you have blury pictures of the athletes, when I shoot the birds in my backyard,thencheck the shot in the LCD, I don't seeany bird but the catin the background.:-)

On the S5100 there is a AF/MF button on the top left, set it at C AF (continuous focus), then turn the shooting mode to SPORT icon on the dial, that's it.

You are shooting with basic equipment, and making mistake is part of the fun in photography, you learn from it. when you upgrade to better camera, you'll shoot like a paparazi.

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Are you shooting during the day or at night under floodlights?
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Hi, I'm new here and I have a 5100. It's my 1st digital camera and I bought it August '05. I love it. But I'm still learning.

I too would like to know why the shutter speed makes the pics lighter or darker but does not seem to help me with fast objects no matter what setting. I've also tested out the different aperture settings on a line of objects to see the depth change, but have not seen any difference in depth of focus.
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When you say that adjusting the shutter speed makes your pictures lighter or darker, it makes me wonder what mode you are using on your camera. If you have set the mode to "S" (shutter priority) adjusting the shutter speed should cause the camera to compensate by adjusting the f-stop automatically so the brightness level of the picture should remain the same if everything else is equal in the two photographs. However, if you have the mode set to "M" (manual) then it becomes your responsibility to make the aperture adjustment as well. And if you don't then the picture will be lighter or darker.

As far as seeing a difference using different f-stops, how close are you to your subjects? It seems that digital cameras have a greater depth of field than some are accustomed to. If you are quite some distance from your subjects it may be difficult to see the difference. Are you trying to do this in macro mode?
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