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I am on the look out to buy a new compact digital camera and narrowed it down to a few contenders:-
- Sony P200 or W7
- Sony N1 (when out)
- Fuji F11 (when out)
- Canon A620
- Canon S80

Having read all the reviews that I could find, I am very tempted with the Fuji F11 because of the ISO ability/battery performance.

Still having downloaded, looked at and compared all the pics of the F10 (virtually identical to the F11) to similar pics of the other cameras listed above, I found that that all the pictures I have seen, look washed-out and not very sharp in comparison.

I am not exactly sure how to describe it but it is very obvious when you compare two exact same shots from the review sites for different cameras against the F10... interestingly I cannot seem to find anything mentionned about this issue in any of the F10 reviews I have read.
Has anybody else noticed that?

If somebody can give me the details on how to post a picture in the forum or a free photo repository, I happy to post some examples (crop taken from pictures of review web sites).
Thanks in advance

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Use this for free image hosting. Copy the direct link they provide.

When posting images, use this:
[img] your link here [/img]
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the link does not seem to work...

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Fixed the link, FWIW.
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Fuji just sent me an F10 as a replacement for my defective e550, and I have been very happy with it's pictures, though occassional miss the manual controls. A good quantaty of my pics come out blurry, but that is because I am manually setting a low ISO, supressing the flash, and trying to hold it still in a medium light situation. I have a real nice picture, the best one ever of my not so photgenic cat. He gets really bad red/green eye, so I was avoiding the flash at all cost while trying to maintain the lowest ISO for blow-upability.

It has been unaltered except for resizing to 800x600 on Photoshop CS2, saved as quality level 10 due to hosting limitations.

Camera settings:
6MP normal
1/18th sec shutter
Auto WB
0 exposure compensation
no flash

The camera does a very good job of choosing expoure in most situations, and does a good job of flash compensation of objects within 12 feet. After that, if it's too dark, and you want a low ISO, it gets too dark. It is stupid, but the camera will never pu the shutter slower than 1/100th of a second with the flash on, unless it is on slow-synchro, which actually makes very nice, accurate pictures in average light situations.

Here is an example of what it chooses in my room at ISO80 & manual mode.

With no flash, the camera chooses 1/4th of a second and gives an Auto Exposure error. It will be blury and under exposed. Uping the ISO or using a tripod is a must.

With fill-in or auto flash, it chooses 1/100th of a second, and since everything is within 12 feet, it has no exposure problems, but everything looses the warmth of my warm lightbulb, which can be good or bad depending on the situation

With slow synchro flash, the camera chooses 1/15th of a second, and the my room is perfectly exposed, but the colors are more accurate without being overly red as they are without the flash. It's a good compromise, but it's best to just up the ISO when photgraphing people to prevent red eye.

Let me know if you have any other questions about the camera.

Edit: And FYI, the F11 should be basically the F10 with a higher resolution LCD and more manual settings. I'd prefer it, but there's nothing I can do...
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