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nickphoto123 wrote:
I respectfully suggest your response is out of line.
In which way?

If you have read my image posts regarding the S9000 you will see no bragging on my part. You wil simply see, IMHO,one of the most thorough and varied web sample presentations of a camera in actual use.
Please point out where I might have suggested you bragging. As a matter of fact I have so far enjoyed viewing your galleries and am thankful for your contributions and the insights they provide into the strengths of the s9000.

Image #7 shows just how good, in my opinion, 9 mp's are when captured in a pretty darn good lens,of the S9000 that is.

Here is the original full image from which #7 was cropped:
Thank you. This is all I wanted to know.If you had replied the image was cropped toa quarterof its original size to start with that would have answered my question totally to my satisfaction. If you'd taken the time to read my initial posts, you'd see that's all I wanted to know in the first place. Was that really so hard?

peace, nymano.

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Hi Nymano,

In the spirit of closing these issues I reply to you:

Your statement ...."I'm not attacking your gear nor your holy s9000...." suggests that my posts in some way elevated the S9000 to something "Holy",which where I come from is read as " you are bragging". This was your 'Out of line' statement.

I started this post by writing:

"Hello All,

A short ride through Manhattan:


Regards, Nicholas"

My only purpose was to show you pics, not how they were taken. My response to your noise question was quite honest, research the 20D if you don't want noise on your monitor.

With my S9000 I get just as little noise in my prints, and I am able to capture the moment for about $500.

See you on the next thread, regards, Nicholas

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I think it was my comment that really got him going. Didn't mean to do that. I guess some people are having difficulty with their cameras and I implied that there might be some user error.

I also have a 5100. And it seems that I had a bit of a challenge with the focus on that camera when I first got it. But after I became accustomed to how the camera works, I have gotten some really sharp images. But then, that's my experience. I guess I had been one of the lucky ones who hasn't had trouble with their Fuji cameras yet.
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