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On monday I got my new S9500 serialno 53Q63...
My old digicam, that I still own, is a 2Mpix Casio QV2900UX.

In my opinion, settings (aperture, shutter speed, ISO sensitivity) are quite clear in the 9500, and the user can easily take control of them, but nobody knows what autofocus is doing.

Here some points about focusing:
1) The "fly-by-wire" focusing ring is very smooth in movement and feels like a real mechanical focus, but it has no limit in rotation. It is impossible to know what distance you have focused. Also it is impossible to set the right focus for infinite, only rotating the ring until it stops to infinite like in SLRs. In some focal lenghts you can focus beyond the infinity!

2) Fuji says that in manual focus mode there is an arrow on the LCD indicating the right direction of ring rotation to get focus: it works very rarely, sometimes indicates the wrong direction, sometimes disappears at all.

3) Autofocus has big difficulty to get the right focus for subjects that are similar to noise. For example, is quite impossible to get focused a meadow or a tree with small leaves.

4) Somebody can tell me the purpose of the "external AF sensor"? I tested the autofocus in a lot of situations, closing and not closing (with a finger) the AF sensor window: never the behaviour of autofocus changed and always it seemed to work. May I have a faulty sensor?

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You may want to read this about infinity focusing.

There are two autofocus sensors. One through the lens and one external. I think it checks one against the other.

Sel ........ :-)

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Thank you Sel for your answer.

Main focusing method works through the lens. The user manual says that the external sensor is disabled in a lot of cases. Reading the manual, seems that the ext AF sensor should work while not in macro mode and in AF-S center mode. Also Fuji says that the external sensor was added to feature faster operation than the previous models.

That's the question: if its purpose is to get a faster focus, why the focusing speed doesn't change when I cover the sensor window? May be that my sensor is faulty?

Can you make this test on your cam?

About the infinity question, ok for the method described in the other thread, but I expect that Fuji will give us an easier way to get the infinite focus.

A suggestion to Fuji for the next software release: the button used to get the one-touch-AF while in manual mode, could be used to get an infinity preset while in autofocus mode.

Anyway I have some doubt about the ability of the camera to get any preset focus position, simply because the focusing system seems to rely only in a strong feedback coming from the sensors.

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I have no difficulty with the s9000 AF.

The only problem I have found is that when focusing on very bright objects, shiny plane, it won't AF. My work around is to focus on another object at the same approximate distance.

Manual Focus has a very narrow window on the focusing ring. Look for the yellow arrows and then push the Focus Button.

Try the enlarged central view when using MF. Remember at the tele end you are at 300 mm, which is not easy to manual focus without a tripod. This applies to any camera.

Never had any problem with infinity. One usually would not use MF when shooting an object at infinity. Use the AF.

Regrards, Nicholas

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