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About to purchase an S9000 (finally) and am wondering what people are using for filters (mfg & filter type). 58mm is the correct size, right?

I know people use ND's for video, would this alsohave the same effect for the video mode of this camera?

I was leaning towards mid-priced Hoya but if there's a better bang for the buck, please let me know.


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You are about to buythe S9000. Be prepared for a exciting photography adventure.

About filters for this camera, it's 58mm. Here is what I have on my S9000. I bought a step up ring 58mm-62mm, then two 58mm Sunpak UV non-coated filters (made in Japan), then a 62mm lens shade. I cheat a little bit to use a step up ring and a 62mm lens hood.

You are wondering why two UV filters? One as a lens protector, the second oneisto makea soft focus. I use the camera to shoot portraits,I need the soft focus effect.

I have Hoya multi-coated UV filters from my 35mm gear but I don't useany on the S9000. Compare the two, Hoya multi-coated UV vs Supak non-coated, I like the Sunpak better, just my taste. You can't go wrong with either one. However if you insist, I would recommend the Sunpak non-coated.

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The only one I use on all my lens is B&W UV, sized for the lens, ( no step rings).

Regards Nicholas

And yes, 58 mm is the correct size for the S9000. The first thing I did when I took it out of the box was to put on my B&W 58 mm UV filter. And I have not taken it off yet, and would do so only when putting on my B&W circular polarizer, 58mm.

Good shooting with your S9000; Please post some links.
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Jsut for info

I have the 58mm UV filter, jessops own brand. Bought it mainly to help protect the fuji lens. Since fitting it i have had some impressive results.


Hope you enjoy your camera as much as I do


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Thanks everyone for the feedback. I did pick up an S9000 last week. Haven't used it too much yet and though I'm confident I'll be able to make good use of the camera and its features, I'm just getting back into it after a lengthy absence so I doubt I'll have any links to provide - this year, anyway. Don't have any filters yet but am on vacation soon so will track a UV down while away at the very least and perhas a polarizing if the price is right.

So far, it appears to deliver. I did notice purple was rendered blue in a low light shot but other than that, the colours appear to be very accurate. I wish the lens was faster but really glad I went with at least 28mm. I can see that will come in very handy.

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