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There are many posts about hot pixels in the S9000/9500, in one of them is said that the relatively high number of hot pixels was the price to pay to have a low noise CCD.

Reading all that posts, anyway, I was not able to realize if my S9500 is a faulty cam (too many hot pixels) or a good cam (few hot pixels).

I suggest to post in this thread the result of this test, in order to have an idea of the amount of hot pixels in our camera, compared to other S9000/9500:

1) Download the program at
install it on your PC (just copy the executable).

2) Set your camera as follows:
Quality 9MPixels Fine,
Sensitivity ISO100,
FinePix Color STD,
Sharpness and contrast NORMAL,
Operating Mode MANUAL,
LENS CAP ON (Important!)

3) Choose a room with low level light (not under the sun)

4) Take four shots at 1/4, 1", 4" and 15" shutter speed.

5) Change the sensitivity to ISO200.

6) Take four shots at 1/4, 1", 4" and 15" shutter speed.

7) Change the sensitivity to ISO400.

8) Take four shots at 1/4, 1", 4" and 15" shutter speed.

9) Transfer the 12 black pictures to your PC and read the resuts with "deadpixeltest", leave the threshold for hot pixel detection at the default value 60.

Here the results of my test:

ISO100 - 1/4 = 0 HotPixels
ISO100 - 1" = 0 HotPixels
ISO100 - 4" = 10 HotPixels
ISO100 - 15" = 11 HotPixels

ISO200 - 1/4 = 0 HotPixels
ISO200 - 1" = 2 HotPixels
ISO200 - 4" = 7 HotPixels
ISO200 - 15" = 8 HotPixels

ISO400 - 1/4 = 3 HotPixels
ISO400 - 1" = 26 HotPixels
ISO400 - 4" = 12 HotPixels (yes, less than 1" speed)
ISO400 - 15" = 819 HotPixels

I always got "0 dead pixels".

Please, post your tests. This will help me to have an idea and I hope it will help other in the forum.

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