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Hi, I'm new to this forum,

I photograph a lot, I have an S304 (and oldie) and recently I've started a photography course, now, I'm thinking of buying the Finepix S5600 but I was also offered to buy the S7000 (though it's an old model) it is a Pro cam, and the S5600 is an advanced cam (both cams were offered in a good deal) so I compared the two (as far as my knowledge goes) and I don't know what to do,
S5600 - zoom is 10+ opposite the S7000 which is 6+
S5600 is 5.1mp opposite the S7000 which is 6mp

S7000 macro is from 1cm opposite the S5600 which is from 10cm+(?) (and here comes another question, I saw here on the cam reviews on the S5600 macro "Macro: 3 - 10 cm (w ) 3 - 90 cm (t ) • Telemacro: 1 cm to 1 m !!!?
What is Telemacro??? and does S5600 can take macro pics from 1cm???

As you see, I have a big dilemma and I'd love to get some other point of views and answers to my questions,
Thank you, :-)
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I've also seen the "telemacro" 1cm value quoted on several websites (including dpreview.com) however that is incorrect. The S5600 doesn't have this "telemacro" or supermacro setting. It only has a macro mode that allows focusing to 10cm. In my opinion, it isn't a great macro camera. It is a great camera for utilising in low light conditions and generally with lower noise at higher ISO's, but its macro mode isn't so great (this is just in my experience).

However, the S7000 does have a true supermacro mode, to 1cm. So if you want a good macro camera, then the S7000 would be a better choice than the S5600, in my opinion.

It really depends what you want to do with the camera? Do you really need a 10x zoom? Do you want a camera that you can use in low light with less noise and do you need ISO 1600 or not? The S7000 still goes to ISO 800 and a 6x zoom might be enough for what you want. And the macro mode on the S7000 is 1cm, compared to 10cm on the S5600.

I hope this helps somehow.
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