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Hi, I'm new to this forum,

I photograph a lot, I have an S304 (and oldie) and recently I've started a photography course, now, I'm thinking of buying the Finepix S5600 but I was also offered to by the S7000 (though it's an old model) it is a Pro cam, and the S5600 is an advanced cam (both cams were offered in a good deal) so I compared the two (as far as my knowledge goes) and I don't know what to do,
S5600 - zoom is 10+ opposite the S7000 which is 6+
S5600 is 5.1mp opposite the S7000 which is 6mp

S7000 macro is from 1cm opposite the S5600 which is from 10cm+(?) (and here comes another question, I saw here on the cam reviews on the S5600 macro "Macro: 3 - 10 cm (w ) 3 - 90 cm (t ) • Telemacro: 1 cm to 1 m !!!?
What is Telemacro??? and does S5600 can take macro pics from 1cm???

As you see, I have a big dilemma and I'd love to get some other point of views and answers to my questions,
Thank you,
Hen :-)
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You are facing an interesting dilemma. I know that the 7000 has been praised by its owners. One thing that it has that I would like is a hot shoe for an external flash. The 5600 does not have that. I doubt very much whether you would see any difference in picture quality because of the megapixels. But these are the reasons I would probably choose the 5600:

You would have no warranty on your 7000.
Your 5600 has the "Real Photo" technology built into it.
You have higher ISO settings available on the 5600.
I think you have a greater zoom range with the 5600 (I might be wrong on this one).

Someone who has actually used the 7000 may have a completely different perspective. I have a 5100, and I have been very pleased with the results I have been getting from it. I'm getting a 9000 for Christmas. Actually, I have the camera now. But after I checked it out my wife and daughter confiscated it and told me I have to wait until Christmas. I'm making the transition because I wanted the higher megapixels that the 9000 offers. 9 MP from 4 MP is a significant increase, and I have been able to see the difference in the pictures that I took before the camera was confiscated.

I'm sure, however, that if the 7000 is in good condition you would be happy with it. Have fun trying to make your decision.
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Thank you for your reply,

Still, I would like to know though about the macro what is its closestFocus distance? (on the S5600)

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the s7000 will focus right down to the lens in super macro mode

the normal (35 equiv) zoom is 38-200mm f2.8-3.1 (optically superb at all settings)

IMO: the s7000 is a 'no brainer' choice

sample macro:

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The S5600 can focus at 10 cm at wide-angle and 90 cm at telephoto.
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