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Old Mar 7, 2003, 10:14 PM   #1
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Default what would you want in the new/next version S602

maybe Fuji will listen to use and make the new S602 the way it needs to be. They did a great job from the 6900 to the S602 maybe they will raise the bar even higher.

1. 6.1 million effective pixels at least
2. 800 / 1600 ISO in every megapixel
3. PC Sync (like Pro model)
4. threaded cable release socket (like Pro model)
5. better battery warning
6. file naming control
7. USB 2.0 (and FireWire/IEEE-1394)
8. thread for an UV filter on the end of the lens w/o an adaptor
9. better low light focusing
10. FAT32 support for 2GB and larger Microdrives
11. rechargeable batteries included and rechargeable through camera (still AA type)
12. Orientation sensor?
13. a slightly larger hand grip
14. an 8 million effective model for a couple hundred more.

I know I'm new here but I hope I get some feed back from you guys. I have owned both the 6900 and S602 and love them both.

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Old Mar 8, 2003, 5:30 AM   #2
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You need a sticky thread for this!

1. Image stabilisation on zoom
2. Continuous user adjustment of file compression ratio, from not a lot to a lot.
3. Retain multi-media options, better CF compatibility, other media options?
4. Copy files between media types, in camera.
5. Infinity focus pre-set option all modes
6. f1.8 lens
7. RAW mode, uncompressed option, no in cam processing.
8. Improved in-cam sharpening, more variable from nothing to hard.
9. Internal flash adding 'burst fire option', to improve AF, or add focus illuminator.
10.Include a decent functional case.
11.Distributors to improve speed of service for repairs.
12.A committment to upgrade policy, extending life by firmware improvement.
13.Bigger internal ram memory buffer and attempts to reduce lag issues (both pre and post shot).
14.Lower operating current drain in EVF mode.
15.Fuji addon lenses for the 602 to have standard threads which accept filters and hoods.
16. Histogram pre-shot mode in EVF and/or 'zebra' white clip indicator.
17. Constructed to make repair by local dealer much easier.
18. USB interface allowing any usb remote drive using new media types to be used externally, including internal to external media file copy.
19. Switchable TV out standards. with slideshow play.
20. SVGA output for external display.

These are a few things in no particular order to be going on with for now! Doubtful whether Fuji will listen, the next cams are probably coming out of R&D. But a fast moving competitor might! You should have guessed that having started this you would evolve a 'wish list'.
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Old Mar 8, 2003, 5:33 AM   #3
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I agree with you.
I love the Fuji 6900 and the s602.
I am waiting to see what they bring out next. Do you think they will upgrade the S602 this year?

I have not got a digicam yet but i have tried the above camera. Superb photo quality.

See what the summer brings i suppose.
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Old Mar 9, 2003, 4:04 AM   #4
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At the present stage of technology and the market, the 602 is a feature packed cam which is liked by its owners. The problem with producing such a good cam is the Fuji marketers will bring out the 602 successor with a little dash extra of this and that. Perhaps even put stuff back we hate! You've only got to look at the evolution of their product range over time to see this. New products are not entirely technology driven - although it helps!

Their marketing strategy will be based on giving us just enough to differentiate the new product and tease more cash out of us whilst increasing penetration of the product and their brand. Competitors will try to give us the similar incremental benefits over major market leaders, possibly at lower cost.

So it might be a few years before we see all the nice things we'd like in our replacement 602!
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Old Mar 9, 2003, 11:16 AM   #5
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Hell I would buy a new one just for 6.1 million effective pixels.
and maybe a couple better features.

Originally Posted by voxmagna
So it might be a few years before we see all the nice things we'd like in our replacement 602!
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Old Mar 9, 2003, 12:00 PM   #6
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What good is 6.1 real Mpix if you don't get the sensitivity/low noise as well to get a clean pic? SIZE isn't everything unless you really need it. A 6X4 print won't look much better, even allowing for a bit of cropping. So my wish list included a few things to get better pictures, even pictures at all. Most could be cheap software features.
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Old Mar 21, 2003, 9:12 AM   #7
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Fortunately, 'percieved' noise has a direct correlation with the number of pixels, for a given a static size. As long as the noise reamins at a constant level for two given sensor sizes, say 4mp and 6mp image, the 6mp with same pixel level noise will appear to have less noise than the 4mp version when they are both viwed at the same size.

I also hope the next FujiFilm has 6mp sensor, especially if it behaves similarly to the s602's 3mp sensor, that has demonstrated on resolution test patterns to resolve vertical and h orizontal resoluion equivalent to a point between prosumer 4mp and 5mp cameras. Also, the s602 demonstrates better dynamic rane than other prosumer cameras in anecdotal tests, I hope fujifilm continues to imporive this aspect even in the HR sensor to be released. While i would appreciate a SR sensor as well, I don't hink i would be happy purchasing another cameras with equivalent 4.5mp resolving power even if it had 2 fstops additonal dynamic range.... unless they managed to also reduce noise to near dslr levels.

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