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Default S2 Pro viewfinder coverage

I discovered a discrepancy between what the viewfinder on my S2 sees and what the S2 sensor sees. This image shows the difference.


I'm curious why they can't make the viewfinder see 100% of what the sensor sees.
Also, if they're not going to do that, why is the border not the same on all sides?
When we were printing negatives, the neg holder would have a smaller opening than the neg size for a reason, but with digital, it makes no sense.

Go figgah!
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I would say it is a margin of error. The S2 is based on a film camera after all. I am about to buy the S2 in a few days, but in spite of this, I can say that the viewfinder is crap. Just take a closer look and you will notice the large gap between the digits on the bottom and the view area. This is just a normal viewfinder which has been masked. A difference of 0,2mm can cause such odd frame coverage in the end. This was simplified to make the camera cheaper (imagine refabricating the prism or mirror or viewfinder lenses). I guess you will just have to live with it and be happy that you don't have an opposite situation (you see more than you get).
The viewfinder is a minus, no doubt about it. With old Nikon bodies you have such an eyepoint that you actually enter into the picture and see every detail. With the advent of autofocus there is the tendency to make high eyepoint viewfinders. It probably helps people who wear glasses but it spoils many pictures.
Imagine yourself taking a portrait...
- on an old body you see every errant hair and you are able to tell the model to take it away from the face
- on a newer camera you just don't get to see such details and you have to photochop a lot.

The S2 masking is even worse, but I'm getting the camera anyway, as the picture quality is awesome. There are just some details you have to learn to live with.
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