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I bought a Fuji s5600 the week before X'Mas & have been very happy with its performance for photos & movie clip recordings.

While on vacation I decided to test it out by photographing the moon with different settings & full telephoto, thats when I noticed a small green line, like a 'scar' just near the moon. It wasn't a UFO trail, because the other photographs also had this scar in the exact same position.

I thought it was dirt & cleaned the lens. Then photographed a blank wall with different ISO's & noticed the scar appearing at ISO 800, it becomes a little larger at ISO 1600. It doesnt appear for ISO's below 800, so I guess that rules out lens dirt. I reviewed previous night-shot & low-light shots & noticed the scar at the same position on those images.

I've attached an image showing the line, and can upload the originals (about 3Mb) for further analysis. Please note this scar appears at the same position in the actual pictures, the image I've uploaded is simply a composite of 3 images.

I'm wondering if there is any setting that may fix it. Or is it a CCD issue, in which case I would have to ask Fuji to have a look at it.

I'd appreciate any advice and would like to know if someone has experienced a similar issue before.


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At first, I thought you might have some 'hot' pixels, but if that was the case, the 'scar'wouldlikely show up regardless of the ISO setting. Try taking some shots with the lens cap on, varying the shutter-speed and ISO. If you see the 'scar' at all, it's probably some kind of CCD issue.Good luck.
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I mailed some sample pics to Fuji tech support who confirmed it was possibly a CCD issue, and directed me to get it replaced from the dealer since my camera was near the 28 day warranty.

I walked in to my dealer shop with the old camera, and they promptly replaced it. I'm happy to say the new one performs excellently.

Thanks to Fuji for their quick response in analyzing the issue and their hassle-free dealers.


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