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I shoot mostly in RAW at 9m fine. Photos I take, I am now finding that I do not need to do any pp. I use the Fuji Hyper-Utility software, and I find this very good for RAW files. It is nice to see some good comments about the S9500/9000.

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I found a couple of weblinks that expalin a lot about megapixel size and how it relates to cropping and one on dpi for picture quality considerations. For 4X6 you would be hard pressed (without cropping) to notice much difference between low MP cameras and upper end 8 -12 MP cameras because of the density of the dpi compression.


At the top of the above page is a link for a flas demonstartion which includes a slider bar to view the effect of heavy cropping on different megapixel taken pictures.


This is also from BestBuy and deals with dpi considerations for print quality, and finally....


He really defines a lot about digital photography!!
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it also depends on which subject you make pictures of, or which kind of pictures.
A portrait photo should be made in 9F or RAW, I myself also make photo's for a local newspaper only delivered in my neigbourhood. Now, pix in newspapers have crap quality. So 9N or 5N would suit just as well. Also a photo with some noise would be fine because the final result would eliminate any noise :-)
If you expect to crop a photo, make it in 9F, will it end up on paper in a size of 4x6 inch or 10x15cm , 5N would be fine.
plain holiday pix will end up on 10x15cm/4x6inch paper or only on a computer, 5N would be fine then.
It all depends on what you will do with the photo's, if you got enough memory, if you want to crop etc.
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