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I have a couple of 256xD cards and a couple of 128s running in my s7000 but would like to splash out on a higher capacity...certainly 512mb if not 1gb.

I find however that all my usual dealers are saying that low capacity (ie less than 512mb) are no longer available...only 'M' type 512 and 1gb cards!

Then I am told that these are NOT compatable with my camera any more!!!!:O

I've only had the thing for about a year!!!

How can this be?

I would happily use CF cards instead but experienced write errors with these and don't trust them as much as xD cards.
Also ,it is not clear to me whether a 1gb CF card would even work in my camera

How can Fuji develop a format and make it almost immediately redundant?

Please could some kind soul help me sort this out?

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The Fuji site has a compatibility chart for cameras and cards...


Looks like the 512 MB card is compatible with the S7000.

Keep in mind that the S7000 was announced way back in July 2003, which was eons ago as far as digicams go. The S7000 was probably released long before the 1 GB xD cards were around.

If you need a smaller card, look on ebay - plenty of 128's and 256's around, and at good prices.

the Hun

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Hi Flo!

Hey, if you can hammer it into the slot, it's OK to use. :-)

Seriously though, any xD card should be OK, but I recommend CF cards, I used them in the cameras and Ipaqs, for a long time, no probs.

You might get the odd duff one, but that goes for anything really, take it back to the shop and get a replacement.

A CF card will work OK with the S7000! I had an S7000 before my S9500, and I am sorry I sold it.

And yes, you would not want anything less than 512 K or at least a 1 GB. Unless you taking photos only at Xmas or birthdays. :lol:

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Thanks people.......
Think I'll try another CF card then........(had two-one worked and one didn't!)

Forget the s7000 has been around 'so long'!
It's still picking up awards!!

Why did you regret selling yours if you have the super-duper replacement model?
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Hi Flo, I've used CF cards for over 5 years & they've proved to be rock solid. In fact while buying my new camera one of my criteria was CF compatibility. (Until I fell in love with the S5600 & was forced to use xD for it)

I use Sandisk CF cards & have never had a problem. I still use the CF's regularly between my laptop PCMCIA, PDA, and an older point n' shoot with no worries. The xD has already given me 2 write errors so far, the dealer said that I had to format it before use...

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Old Feb 3, 2006, 9:58 AM   #6
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Hi Lion,
Other way round for me!:?

My Sandisk CF card was hopeless! I discovered on this forum that they were playing up for lots of other s7000 users too.
I found xD cards to be rock-solid.....although I did try out a low capacity Transcend CF card just to make sure the Sandisk one WAS faulty and it worked fine...only 128mb though.
I have sent off for a 512 CF (NOT sandisk) and will be interested to see if it delivers the goods OK
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