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Here is also something to remember. When you shoot something on "Earth" during a cloudless day, you are shooting reflection of "whatever" illuminated by the sun. F11 at 1/250 is not out of the realm of possibilities.

People often make the mistake that when they shoot at the moon they open up real big (aperture) and use a very slow shutter (1/15 or slower), thinking it's dark outside I need to get as much light as possible. This won't always work and here's why. You shoot the "moon" and you are shooting the sun's illumination (reflection) off the moon. All the sun's light should have excellent color spectrum, less that of some distance and that of some filtering from atmospheric conditions. How much atmosphere haze you have to take into account is determined by where you live. BUT the rule of thumb is small f apertures (like f8 to f16) and fairly fast shutter speeds (1/250th to 1/500) is within what should take a good picture of the moon. Nearly all else with slower and oper apertures will blow out the moon with too much birghtness. I took a shot of the moon the other night at 1/125th secon and aperture at f8 with ISO set at 100. Turned out pretty good. Notice I used ISO 100.

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bright moon exposure = 1/iso shutter speed, f11 aperture

daylight white balance

secure tripod with mirror lockup and cable release/self timer

500mm lens

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Thank you all for the valuable input. I will try out some things and post if they turn out OK. Waiting for the weather to warm up some though.
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