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Default best 2x telephoto for the S602?

I'm looking to buy a telephoto for the S602. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what would be the best one?
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Best? What do you mean by best?

I am not aware of any optically high quality 2x or higher add-on teleconvertors.

If by 'best' you mean image fidelity,and are willing to suffice with less than 2x:

1. Olympus B-300(1.7x) ($190-$230 - ebay current averages)
2. Sony VCL-HGD1758(1.7x)($230-$240 online stores)
3. Fuji TL-FX9(1.5x)($140-$150 online stores)

Prices given are the ones i recollect, not nescarrily accurate.

Those are the current avialbe highest fidelity teleconvertors. However, Olympus is releasing a new lens model(TCON-17(1.7x)) soon that they claim has improved optics over the current king of the hill(b-300). Also, the TCON-17 sells for an unheard of average $100 USD for such a quaity lens(if clamis are true).


REVISION: 4-15-03
I would like to revise the above, to state that I believe the Sony VCL-HGD1758 to be the superior lens of the units listed above. In the limited semi-controlled comparison I could find, the Sony demonstrated much greater clarity in corners, and somewhat greater clarity in the center of captures vs. the B-300. Please observe the limited demonstrations by http://www.b-300.com -Chris
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OK, I'm probably a bit naive here, but I see plenty of 602 2X teles on eBay for US$69 and up. What am I losing to get one of those vice getting one from BuyDig.com or some other online store that charges US$159 and up?

I'm mostly interested in taking photos of my kids' high school soccer games, so the more zoom, the better.
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Here is an example of two 1.7x telephoto lenses.


The Raynox is a cheaper lens that retails for approx. $100 USD or so. While the B-300 retailed for $250, and now roundabout $190-$230 sealed/new condition on ebay.

Be certain to click the images for the full size version, at which point wher eyou will notice less sharpness, and very high chromatic abberation(purple fringing) in the Raynox units. The 'Titanium' and other even cheaper lenses on ebay will likely be of worst quality than the Raynox 1.7x units demontrated in this photo. The Raynox would be suitable for 4x6 prints, but an 8x10 from this lens would not look so hot IMO.

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