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I have owned my S9500 for about a week, im a complete newbie when it comes to photography and i have taken about 250 pics so far with the S9500, and this is by far my best!

I have done some PP, sharpened it up a bit, and altered some levels but i warn you, i have NO idea what i did and why, as i say im a complete newbie.

Anyways, this is my cat lucy.

Any comments much appreciated.


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yes its a nice shot. i do like it

I can see u used the app priority or AV i think it is on fuji mode dial

yes, this is the mode i would use in this photo situation. This mode lets you select the aperture, which is the opening in the camera. Now a lo number means a large opening. A large opening offers the following benefits:

- Increased shutter speed as larger opening allows more light in
- Shallow depth of field - This creates this blurry background look tht u see in pro photos.

So if it was me in this situation i would prob used Apertre priority mode, iso100, fstop (AKA Aperture) 3.6 or yea maybe even 4.9. I would have used centred weighted average metering and maybe a 2nd trial shot at -1/3ev to try and play with cats shiney furr.

In reference to PP i would have played with shadow and highlight detial. Maybe played a little more mid tone contrast. Maybe even saturated slightly. And ofcourse add a slight unsharp mask.

Nice final shot. Looks like u been taking photos a while. S9000/9500 is a very goodcamera. Excellent camera to learn and experiment with. I dont think you can find a more versatile camera in tht price bracket.

check this out



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Hey Ken,

Thanks alot for your comments, and explanations around aperture priority mode, thats exactly what i need to hear.

Thing is, i take a shot like that, then i have no idea how to do it again! ahah

That website link looks interesting too, i will have a read through that, thanks very much.


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