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THE_LoneWolf wrote:
I mean, until the raw data is converted there's nothing you can do with it otherwise is there?
The way the data is being converted can have a big impact on what you start with in an editor. That's what I wanted to clarify (the conversion process itself is an important step, and one converter won't necessarily give you the same thing as another). I've been surprised at how much difference there can be between raw converters at times, depending on the image.

Being able to work with the original data from individual photosites (versus interpolated from multiple photosites in a tiff file) is likely the reason Adobe and Bibble can usually give you more highlight detail compared to most other converters if you overexpose some areas.

Even if values are maxed out in some photosites, the algorithms are apparently smart enough to try and reconstruct data using what's available in adjacent photosites during the demosaic process. I've seen a big difference between raw ocnverters in this area (with ACR being able to recover highlight detail lost with some other converters).

I wouldn't doubt that Eric Hyman is using similar techniques to help with noise reduction in the raw conversion process with Noise Ninja integration into Bibble, too (and I'd expect that Fuji probably has algorithms designed to better remove noise during the conversion process from raw, versus trying to do it after raw conversion).

That way, they can take values from individual photosites into consideration versus data interpolated from multiple photosites stored in tiff after conversion from raw. I haven't taken the time to play around with Eric's latest versions of Bibble yet. But, I probably will in the near future.

Algorithms can get pretty sophisticated. I'm no expert. But, I have spent a good bit of time combing through David Coffin's source code and comparing output from various raw converters. Some are better than others.

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Yes there are widely varying outputs between some conversion packages. The partnership between Bibble and Noise Ninja could be a whole lot more benficial to us Fuji owners if they supported more than just the S2 Pro & S7000.

I acquired Fuji's Hyper-Utility V2 over the weekend. It does offer the usual control adjustments for the most basic shooting settings, does an exemplary job of noise cleanup, and can save the result to a 16 bit TIFF file, but even it has what I consider to be a failing point. For some reason the EXIF data stored with that 16 bit TIFF can't be read properly by any editing package. Considering that the quality of output from HU for further processing is so high it's a small niggling point I suppose but I like to retain the EXIF data with the image throughout the editing process.

In all fairness to HU though, this is a failing shared by many of the converters that can handle Fuji raw and it can be worked around although it requires a few extra steps to do so.

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