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I was wondering if you could give me some advice, as I have a Sony T9 Cyber-shot and basically the pictures look great on the screen but when I print them off they are grainey. Also the steady shot is crap and pics in the dark arn't very good, mostly blurry. Anyway I am thinking about getting a Fuji S9500 instead. Would you recommend it and can you tell me how good this camera performs in day and night. Thanks amanda x
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Hi, Amanda.

T9 is a nice pocket automatic camera and you can remove most of the noise (grain) in your images with basic post-processing in almost any half-decent image editor.

S9500 is a very good advanced bridge camera with a lot of options and controls, and it's anything but pocket sized camera. It's huge by today's standards and quite heavy.

If you are looking for a camera capable of taking good quality images in low light, you should check out Fuji F10 (compact cam), S5200/5600 (compact megazoom cam) or S9000/9500 (bridge cam). For ultimate low-light quality and performance you need a DSLR with fast prime lenses.

If you can tell a bit more about your photographic style and preferences and your experience in photography you'll receive more detailed replies.


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Hi well,

I wouldn't say I was a novice but I am a quick learner and wouldliketotake up Photography. I have been lokking a the Fuji S9500 and it gets some great reviews and the picture quality looks amazing.

I was just wondering if my photoprinter would have anything to do with the grainey pics that I am printing out? It is a Lexmark P315. Its just that I used to have a pentax and the photo's printed out fine at 5M pixels, my T9 is set at 6M would that make a difference.

How easy is the Fuji to use thanks amanda x
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I have the Fuji 9000 and I really like it. It is a camera that I would recommend. However, you ask how easy is it to use. Many people say that it isn't just a simple point and shoot camera, and several people have commented that it takes time to learn how to really use it well. I have taken nearly 1700 images with mine so far, and I'm still learning how to use the camera properly. I have been able to get some good photos from the very beginning, but now I'm starting to be able to predict how the camera will react under certain situations.

You should be able to get good prints from your present camera. Are you checking the resolution on your print images? I find that I get very good prints from images that are between 240 and 300 PPI. You probably already know this, but many cameras are programmed to report the resolution at 72 PPI, and it takes a little postprocessing to adjust the resolution properly for printing.
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