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Hi I have just purchased a fuji s9500 and have been messing around in the garden to get used to it. I have noticed when taking macro pics I can't zoom out fully as it goes all blurry on tiny things such as flies etc. I was wondering if I needed to adjust something such as ISO etc.

I am a complete beginner and would appreciate any type of advice on different topics.

Also can you purchase different size lenses etc and where from?

I have taken a few shots that look decent, see above and below, let me know what ya think thanks amanda
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The S9500 is a fixed lens only the DSLR lenses can be changed, as with your micro problem i'm not sure if i can help but someone will...
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You probably already know this, but the range in the macro modes is as follows:
Macro: 3.3 feet to 12 feet (I think, or thereabouts)
Super macro: .3 feet to 3.3 feet (wide-angle only)
I have found macro photography difficult. I think using a tripod would help tremendously. And the only other suggestion would be to just keep taking pictures. I don't have a very high success ratio with my macro images. I haven't got any real good ones yet. But I think I'm improving.

As far as other lenses, there are a couple that some people are using. Fuji says there are no auxiliary lenses for the 9000/9500. But some are using one from Olympus and there's another one that some are using, but I don't recall the name/brand. I find that most of my macro images leave something to be desired. Here is one that I was sort of happy with.
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Hi, Amanda.

Congratulations on your new camera, it will keep you busy and happy for a long time.

To take close-up pics you have to switch the MACRO mode on (a small button with a flower on it on the left side of your camera). Pressing it once switches on MACRO mode, twice - SUPER MACRO mode, the third press brings you back to NORMAL mode.

In NORMAL mode you working range is 50cm (1.6ft) to infinity in wide-angle and 2m (6.6ft) to infinity in telephoto.

In MACRO mode the range is 10 cm-3 m (3.9 in.-9.8 ft.) in wide-angleand 90 cm-3 m (3.0 ft.-9.8 ft.) in telephoto

In SUPER MACRO (works ONLY at 28mm setting wide-angle): 1 cm-1 m (0.4 in.-3.3 ft.).

You took your pic in normal mode, so you couldn't focus closer or use longer zoom settings.

Also in MACRO mode pay attention to the Auto Focus warning ( red AF symbol in the viewfinder or LCD). When it appears - you are too close and should back off a little or use a shorter zoom settings. It might be a very good idea to use a tripod for macro shots.

Here is an example of a close-up shot yesterday handheld:


and another one I've posted previously (camera was mounted on a tripod):


As for lenses, Fuji doesn't support add-on lenses for S9500, but you can get a set of close up lenses (58mm) for macro shots and many users used tele and wide-angel converters successfully. You can have a look here:





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