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Since the Fuji s9500 accepts both xD and CF, is it ok
to just stick both in there instead of swapping cards when full?
[if camera is lost or stolen, so too go your pics]

Since CF costs less, and has bigger capacity[plus people complain xD is too small] is there any reason to buy xD?
Only Fuji & Olympus use xD, and they seem to be on the way out.

2 slots means a bigger camera, more parts, more cost.
Why no cameras with 2 of the same slots?
Are we paying more for 2 slots if xD is never used?

Personally, I would wish the s9000/9500, with its bigger
sensor and 9mp, would go up to 420mm like the Lumix FZ-30 does.
Perhaps the s5200 would be a better choice as it has a 380mm,
and I wouldnt need to crop.
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This first part is only my opinion. But I think Fuji offered both formats to appeal to the group that already have CF cards. I think a lot of the digital SLR cameras use CF and Fuji (I think) was trying to put owners of the 9000/9500 closer to the market. It sort of worked in some respects.

You can put a CF card and an xD card in the camera at the same time, but then you have to go into the setup menu and indicate which card you want to use. If there is only one card inserted the camera will make that choice automatically.

I don't know that there is any validity to the idea that xD is on the way out. Fuji and Olympus are doing quite a bit of development. They are working on increasing the speed of the cards, but from what I have read many of the existing card readers will not read the new types that are being introduced.

As far as advantages of one over the other, I don't think there is anything monumental. I have read reports that the xD card is faster at saving raw images. I cannot verify that because I haven't compared them. I mainly use a 1 GB CF card in my camera, I haven't had any problems with it, I suspect I will continue to use it as my primary storage device.

As far as which camera would be better for you is concerned, that is entirely up to you. I have read that the Panasonic has higher noise levels at higher ISO settings. But, in reality, I think either camera produces extremely high quality images. And I like the 9 MP file size. You talk about not wanting to crop your images, but I had found that I can significantly crop one of my images and still get a very nice image. But you will have to make the ultimate decision for yourself.
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