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New to the forum and I have a question about the S9000. I've been agonizing about buying this camera for about three months but the issue with the Command Dial is scaring me off. Is this a continuing problem and has Fuji decided there is a problem? I've read in the forum it may appear to be related to a specific Serial number series. I also talked to my local dealer and he is unaware of any problems with the S9000 but obviously, he's in the business of selling cameras, not scaring away potential buyers.
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While any issues like this are always a concern, I don't think there have been many command dial failures, and so far Fuji has apparently fixed the defective ones promptly. Though I don't own an S9000,I participate on this forum, the Fuji list at dpreview, and a couple of other Fuji lists, between those lists there must be hundreds if not thousands of S9000 users and I think I've seen a total of five command dial failures. The problem seems to be with the plastic casting/forming creating a defect that manages to slip by quality control. It does not appear to me to be a major issue simply based on the small number of failures posted.

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It's a good camera and the reports are not so numerous. If you want this particular model just get one from a reputable dealer and enjoy it.

Anything can brake down, it's just a question of time. Even the recalls of certain popular car models haven't stopped people from buying them.
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I have had mine since early December and haven't had a single problem with it. The problem with following these forums is that you read more about the people who have problems, not the thousands of people who have purchased the camera and enjoy it, and don't even know these forums exist.

Of course, there is a very slim possibility that you could have a command dial problem, or some other problem. But this is not unique to this particular model or company. Personally, I don't think it is worth "agonizing" over the issue. If you want this camera, get one. Fuji has been very good about fixing the problem for the few that have reported it. I had been foolish enough to have followed these forums quite closely. There have been reports of maybe six command dial failures. I would say the odds are in your favor by a significant margin. On the other hand, if you are that worried about the issue, buy something else. There are lots of good cameras on the market. I really like my S9000, but I know other people with other brands who really like theirs just as well.
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As posted before, there could be thousands out there that don't know the existence of this forum and als o thousands that never use the command dial at all or sparsely ... I had mine for 1 and a half month and it broke ...
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