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Default Fuji S602z Macro problems

There is probably a simple answer but! I am having a heck of a time with my macro and super macro shots on the 602. Problem is they always wind up blury. I am the correct distance they look good but click blur. Camera shake does not seem to be a problem some examples here. Any ideas?


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Default What's blurry?

What is it that's blurry? I've recently been on a super macro kick with my 602 and the first thing I realized was the depth of field is absolutely non existent. It's obviously the physics concerning the optics - you don't really need to know exactly why it happens just know that it does.

I took a shot of a small mushroom so close up (the mushroom cap was barely over 1/8" diameter) that only about 1/4 of the cap was focused and the stem was blurry. There wasn't much light that day so I couldn't close the aperture to see if that would help...

If everything is blurry then you may have a problem with the auto focusing. Somebody here recently mentioned a second method the camera uses to focus when the infrared can't be used. I would bet that when in super macro (and probably macro) I believe - someone correct me - the infrared focus is automatically disabled. It doesn't seem there is a way it can reliably be used when the subject is obscured by the lens.

If the camera isn't audibly making alot of focusing noise and it looks good before snapping the shot, geez - you got me. I would bet though it is camera shake in that case. You really need to brace your arm well when in super macro, especially if you're zoomed in as well. I would try a test and place the camera on the table and put something in front of it - take a picture in super macro and see what comes out. You would be surprised how little change in distance from camera to subject AFTER focusing will ruin your focus when in macro mode. Even if you aren't shaking much side to side, front to back can be enough to ruin it.

One last thought - there is enough light isn't there?
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Default 602 macro blur

When I am shooting macros, I put the camera in programmed auto mode so I get the best shutter speed and aperture combination for a steady shot and depth of field. I put the ISO at 400. If you are shooting in low light, you will have to use additional external lighting.
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