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From what I have read the s9000 really shines when used in manual mode. It is basically not a point and shoot camera, right? Can it be used for a point and shoot?

How does the f30 perform during point and shoot vs manual. Does it do a better job in P&S mode since it is more of a P&S camera?

Since the s6000 will be more of a P&S, do you think that its performance will do better as a P&S or in both modes?

I have debated over the s9000 and s6000, and I can not for the life of me make a decision. I need a long zoom, low light capability camera that I can use for p&s. From what I have read the s9000 is more advanced than me. My friend who is an hobbyist photographer wants me to get an SLR (cannon rebel or pentax ds2) I am not ready for one of these.

I have read people having lots of problems with the s9000, did fuji put out a lemon or is it just that difficult to work/learn?

Thanks for the info

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That's really a difficult question to answer. I have never used the F30, and the S6000 hasn't been released yet. As far as the S9000 is concerned, when my wife wants to take pictures of the grandkids, I just set the camera on Auto and hand it to her. The pictures are great. Once in a while Photoshop can do a little magic, but that's true with any camera, and I just love to play with Photoshop. If you want to shoot in low light a lot, maybe the F30 or the S6000 will give you some marginally better images. But if you buy any of these cameras and take the time to learn how to use it I think any of them will bring you a lot of satisfaction. I don't care what camera you purchase these days. They all have strong points and weak points. Since it doesn't cost for film and processing, the best thing to do is just go out and take a whole bunch of pictures with the new camera. Don't blame any mishaps on the camera. When you look at the pictures on your computer, ask yourself what you can do to produce better results and go try it again. If you are willing to do that, you would be happy with any one of those cameras you are considering.
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Thank you very much for you thoughts. I think I am leaning more toward the s6000 dut to the fact it will be less complicated to learn and it also has the long zoom. I also like the fact that it is more of a p&s camera. I have seen some remarkable pictures from both the f30 and s9000. I have no doubts that the s6000 will deliver the same results. Trying to decide what camera to buy is like trying to decided what car to purchase. :-)Whew, exhausting.

Once again, thanks.

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I think that you can do pretty well by the new S6000fd. It has the newer 6th generation sensor and also has the added upside of ISO 3200... which means you will likely have really great picture in darkly lit scenes. Go for it!
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according to ********* at Fuji digital, (the tech geek) the 6000 series is the f30 with a crazy lens attached. (i own several salt water damaged F10s and have just gotten the F30) my 6000 will be in my grubby little hands next week, (played with it early august and have some awesome pics. the lens for my puposes is A1..

(all opinions are mine and bias towards my purposes, ps XD cards are the Best)
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