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3437 pics taken with Lumix FZ30 rank: 64;

1450 pics taken with Fuji S9000 rank: 118.

2.4x more pics taken with FZ30, and its rank is twice as good.

Lumix-FZ30 - $500

1/1.8" Type CCD = 0.55


SD card

35 - 420mm [12x] (+extended optical zoom)


S9000 - $589


1/1.6" Type CCD = 0.625

ISO from 80 to 1600

28 - 300mm

xD & CF

4 AA-size batteries

Is the bigger sensor size and extra 1mp on the S9000 significant?

ISO on the S9000 is higher, but I dont see a need for it.

AA batteries are weak, but are widely available. My concern with

the FZ30's battery is the ability to recharge them outside of the US.

However, the 120mm zoom difference is a big plus for the FZ30.

I wont be getting xD cards, thus the slot is a waste of space;However, I already

have SD, and all other P&S brands(besides Sony, Fuji, Olympus) use them.
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What's your point? Camera rank is based on the number of pictures that members submitted? Therefore, since FujiFilm S5000 owners submitted 9807 pictures, the S5000 had 2.9x more pics taken and its rank was more than twice as good as the FZ30? You can't be serious! The member rankings (whatever that's worth) for the S9000 and the FZ30 were identical...4.5 out of 5...so...what are you trying to say? That the FZ30 is a better camera than the S9000 because more FZ30 owners submitted pictures to the betterphoto.com web site?

the Hun

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It really doesn't matter to me what any publication says is the "best" camera. Every publication has their own criteria, their own tests, and their own biases. I have the Fuji S9000, I like it, I enjoy using it, it takes the kind of pictures I expect it to take, it meets my needs. Are there other cameras that take better pictures? Probably. Is it really a difference I would be able to see? Probably not. Do I care? No!

Someday, because of shooting requirements, I might be forced to look at other cameras. I will be the first to admit that there are some weaknesses with my camera. I used a Nikon D70 over the weekend. I only had a couple of lenses, but that really is a nice camera. The optical mirror viewfinder is really a pleasure to use compared to the EVF on my S9000. But I cannot afford that kind of a camera and all of the accessories that go along with it. Quality lenses are expensive. If I ever find that I need such a camera, I will find a way to purchase whatever model is currently at the time. But right now I have what I need.
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