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Must say I've been using Fujifilm products for a long time. First was the A200, them 2650, A303 (great companion), E550 (my best friend) and now I am taking a step forward with the S5200.

Before and after I purchased this camera I have seen much information about it, many good reviews, some bad and some interesting things about what it can give.

In order to collect all possible information about the Fujifilm Finepix S5200 / S5600 Digital camera, I am posting here everything I have found on the Internet about this great camera, this includes professional and user's reviews, test made on this camera, possible accessories, comparation with other Digicam, etc.


First, let's start with the professional reviews found on different sites:

In this site the camera is rated among the 10 best super zoom cameras (8-10-2006). There are some example pictures on their original resolution. There is no lab test here; they only give a complete profile of the camera and some samples.

Many tests are made in this site. Very useful for knowing what is camera is capable of. In this site there is an option for comparing photos of different cameras side by side, and so for specifications.

Here is another good site where lots of testing is made. I liked a lot the information offered in this webpage. There is even a comparation with other similar cameras made by the editor. Maybe it's just me, but in some parts I think they were a little contemptuous with this camera.

Quite nice and simple review, I liked the ISO comparations made here. There is a good explanation of the Image stabilization vs. Anti-blur. They have a nice User profile to make clear if this camera is for you.

A review from UK, very good.

Nice review.

Fast review for shoppers.

Another popular commercial site. They gave it a 7.8 rating (very good they say) and it has a tiny video about the camera, not useful though. User reviews are available too.

I didn't read it all.

No need to click here.

This is a European Site review. There are some more examples here.

For those who speak Spanish like me.

Has not read it yet.


User ratings are important too, I would say the most important:

Here you will only find specs of the camera, but other reviews are made. There are some user's reviews from price grabber site. According to the reviewer digimon43, this camera is miles away better than newer models Canon S2 - S3, Sony H2 - H5 and Panasonic FZ7. I can't have those other 3 cameras to confirm that, so if any has got the opportunity to compare the S5200 with one of those cameras, please post your comments.

Only user's reviews in this site.

Only user's reviews in this site.

Some long reviews here. Check DKozin.

Another bunch of good reviews.

Another bunch of good reviews.

Reviews from Yahoo.

http://www.circuitcity.com/ccd/productDetail.do?oid=140000&WT.mc_n=48244& WT.mc_t=U&cm_ven=ORGANIC%20SEARCH&cm_cat=I PROSPECT&cm_pla=DATAFEED->DATAFEED%20CAT%20-%20CAMERAS&cm_ite=19750%20PAID%20INCLUSION%20-%20DATAFEED%20CATEGORY:%20CAMERAS&cm_keycode=4 8244
Another Bunch of Reviews.

Only some reviews, but in this webpage you can see the price history of the product.


Searching for information on the user's reviews and forums I found this test made by them.

This user made lots of testing and posted them in this webpage with his conclusions. Great Job Curtisfun. I might do the same.

This guy in change is stating he got terrible results from his camera when compared to a Canon A610. Maybe he got a lemon. To me it looks he was using too high ISO setting and hard sharpness. Maybe he didn't play enough with the manual settings. By the time when I first use my camera, I would have agreed with him 100%, but after knowing the camera better I changed my point of view.

Here you will find some other test made by someone who calls himself Fineshots. His review is on dpreview.com on date 8/24/2006.

In this site the reviewer makes his won analysis of the camera. You can send questions to him too.


From all this reviews I have recompiled this PROS and CONS from this camera:


  • Very fast shutter (true) and startup (true). (Speed is obviously one of the best features of this camera) [/*]
  • It takes very Sharp pictures. [/*]
  • Great low light performance. (it definitely can see more than me in the dark) [/*]
  • Great control of noise on high ISO. [/*]
  • Fast Auto Focusing. [/*]
  • Capable of getting photos of fast moving subject without blur. [/*]
  • Long Zoom. (yes, too bad is not the longest, other cameras have 12x) [/*]
  • Real color, meaning low saturation (distortion) of color. (it's true, some will find this good, others not) [/*]
  • Good ergonomic, the camera feels great in your hands. [/*]
  • Light weight. (other cameras in the super zoom category are quite heavy) [/*]
  • Very customizable settings (nice manual control, except for the manual focus) [/*]
  • Many photography modes to choose from. [/*]
  • Low batteries consumption (very true) [/*]
  • Doesn't use proprietary batteries but 4 AA. [/*]
  • Auto focus assist light.(A powerful one) [/*]
  • RAW Mode, for those who like post-processing. [/*]
  • Auto pop up flash. (Some people find this better to be manual) [/*]
  • Good Video recording with sound. [/*]
  • Excellent price-performance relation, a turning point for many buyers. [/*]
  • Well built, great quality construction. (for most of the people)

  • Grainy picture (because this camera likes selecting high ISO in auto setting) [/*]
  • Use XD picture card which is more expensive (Most of times true) and has slower transfer rate (haven't notice it) [/*]
  • No Image Stabilization. (Many people state it's not needed because the high ISO and speedy shutter, my idea is this combination is called Anti-Blur. Others claims I.S. is better than Anti Blur. I suppose the combination of both would be the best) [/*]
  • Difficult menu. (I don't think so) [/*]
  • RAW mode in the hided in the set-up menu. (yes, it should be in the F button menu) [/*]
  • Too slow manual focus. (true, it's better to half press the shutter button and let the camera do the focusing) [/*]
  • Bulky. (as most of the super zoom cameras are, but I find it smaller than what it looks in the pictures) [/*]
  • Weak flash. (average) [/*]
  • Small LCD. (I would say average size) [/*]
  • No swivel LCD screen. (Definitely it is a useful option, I think the S9000 / S9500 have something like it, but it's pricy. The Canon's S2 and S3 are the only competitors having this option, but for higher cost and some limitations compared to the S5200) [/*]
  • Viewfinder don't have enough resolution (maybe the EFV doesn't have great resolution, but it has enough) [/*]
  • No flash hot shoe. (being able to use an add-on flash would had pleased some user not happy with the built-in flash) [/*]
  • Only 3 pictures in continuous shot. (The best would be unlimited, but, can any camera do this?) [/*]
  • Not great software, specially the CCD-RAW conversion software. [/*]
  • Lag between shot when using the flash. (Like most cameras) [/*]
  • Made in china, for some reason Chinese are famous for having quality issues. Seems like because the globalization we will have to get used to it. Other Fujifilm cameras were made in Japan and showed great quality and durability; Hope this one does it too. (Should it be considered CONS?) [/*]
  • Battery compartment is a little difficult to close. (nothing you can't get used to)[/*]


In the ********************** site, in the user's reviews on date 5/15/2006 someone said:

"When i received mine i found that every shot i took was BLURED! All the images were grainy. i first remembered this site and how id read that this was a common problem, and it is. I quickly called Fuji and told them the issue, they told me that it's a fault with some of the CCD chips and that it needs to be replaced, which of course is free. SO for anyone who's reading this thinking it's a common issue with all cameras in this line, its not. It's a defect that's afflicted a few cameras, so if you have the issue, just call the retailer and they will replace it free of charge." An earlier review (1/23/2006) talks about a similar problem.

Has somebody got the same problem? If you did please tell us the results.

I sent an e-mail to USA Fujifilm customer support regarding this problem and they reply me: "Please contact our Digital Imaging Technical Help Desk for complete assistance by dialing 1-800-800-3854, option #1." I still have to do that call.


These are the accessories I have found on internet for the S5200 / S5600.

XD picture card, recommended one with at least 256 MB.

Opteka 0.45 Wide Angle Lenses. Third party product.

Opteka 3.2x HD2 Telephoto Lens. This can be only used with the camera on full zoom. Third party product.

Opteka HD2 Filter Kit. Third party product.

Opteka 0.22x Fisheye Lens. Third party product.

Opteka 2.2x HD2 Telephoto Lens. This can be only used with the camera on full zoom. Third party product.

Opteka Ultra HD 2x Telephoto Lens. This can be only used with the camera on full zoom. Third party product.

Opteka Close-Up Lens Set. This are for macro mode. Third party product.

Opteka 10x 55mm HD² Macro Lens. Third party product.

Fujifilm WLFX9B Wide Angle Lens Attachment Kit. Original product.

Fujifilm SCFX5000 Deluxe Leatherette Case. People seems not to be very happy with this product.

Lowepro Edit 110 Camcorder Bag. This is my personal recommendation for a camera bag. I bought one this for my camcorder and for my surprise the S5200 / S5600 camera fit very well in it (only the camera). The bag is very compact and protects everything inside very well. If you are going to need to carry other accessories I recommend other bags from the same brand, like the Edit 120 and 140.

If somebody has an accessory to recommend, please post it and tell us why.


I got all this information, but I am sure many is missing, please post your comments on any of the related topics. Reviews, Test, problems, experience, Pros and Cons, accessories, links to related forums, tips, tricks,etc.

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From another forum:

bascom: Wow, I think you researched this too much. My analysis is much simpler:

Pros: very good camera, low price.
Cons: doesn't have IS, LCD is small and camera is big.[/quote]

Scott6: Wow that's a lot of research for a so so camera at best, I know i had one a year or so ago, i gave it to my 13 year old cousin... S2 IS owns it, and well the S3 IS is even better...

Yes, Got some spear time to do this, and it was fun to me doing this research. I like to save all information I gather in my computer.

Now why don't we make some constructive opinion?

Bascon, Why do you thing Image stabilization (IS) is better? What is your experience regarding this topic?

Scott6, you say you have got the chance to own both cameras (S5200 and S2), besides the Swivel LCD and the longer zoom, what do you find better in the S2? What is better in the S5200?

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From another Forum:

Marcer Geers Says:

Hi there,

Keep up the good work! Check out Fujilinks and give fotonut the link to your thread!

Raynox has a nice overview on which lenses can be used with the S5600. I can't comment on the lenses other than the DCR-250 which seems to perform really nicely with this camera.


Drewjames Says:

WOW.. This is my first camera and I am very happy with it, but your dedication to the product is sensational.

Its a great camera. For the price , it has no peer. It has convinced me to be loyal to the fuji brand. I was using this as a learning experience before I buy an SLR and all the lenses etc.

I have decided to buy the s6500fd instead.

Gareb Says:

I would not buy Opteka lens, have not heard too many good things about these lens which are made for video cameras if I'm not mistaken, get either Fuji, Olympus or Raynox lens, they are the best, of these I think Olympus and Raynox are best and Fuji lens third.

DrewJames Says:

This shot shows how you can push this camera to the limit. I am in the stands at the other side of the arena. Full freeze frame at full 10X zoom 1600 iso indoor lighting. This is just not possible so ive been told.


Tim39 Says:

Agree with your comments about the review compilation and the 5600.

I'd check the other thread about 6500 pix. In my un-humble estimation, after a brilliant choice of the 5600, you may be in a for a disappointment with the 6500.

drewjames wrote:
> WOW.. This is my first camera and I am very happy with it, but your
> dedication to the product is sensational.
> Its a great camera. For the price , it has no peer. It has
> convinced me to be loyal to the fuji brand. I was using this as a
> learning experience before I buy an SLR and all the lenses etc.
> I have decided to buy the s6500fd instead.

Tim39 Says:

No surprise -- to me, at least.

If you lighten your bank account by some $500 for a 6500, you'll look back on this shot and wonder what you thought you'd be gaining.

drewjames wrote:
> This shot shows how you can push this camera to the limit. I am in
> the stands at the other side of the arena. Full freeze frame at
> full 10X zoom 1600 iso indoor lighting. This is just not possible
> so ive been told.

Alve Says:

Very nice job! Add the Raynox 250 macrolens to the accessories, it's a very cheap and nice lens.

Drewjames Says:

I think my decision to upgrade is based on the following:

1. Its fun cos I get a new camera to play with in particular I want manual focusing on the lense so I can pretend I am a real photographer.

2. Even though the 6500 lense at the 10X end will be 1 and half times slower I am hoping that the improved ISO performance ( i think the sensor is 40% bigger for just 1 more pixel eg i have seen the F30 sample shots and they look awesome ) will give maybe 2 stops on the 5600.

3. if point 2 is wrong who cares, in this case I revert back to point 1.

4. The money saved not buying a SLR and appropriate lense to do these shots ( about US$2k minimum) means I can buy a new camera every year for the next 5 years and hence revert back to point 1.

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I got the chance to test a Kodak Z650, it takes nice pictures outdoors in bright light, but indoors and low light didn't do well. It also doesn't looks and feels as good as the S5200, so i am still very happy with my camera. Also tested a canon A610, it has some nice features and takes very sharp pictures, but the color saturation is too much, so now i see the benefics of having a good balance in colors. I just wish to have the chance to test a Canon S3 to see if it is as great as many people says.
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