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you can'tbe in the carwhen the music playing especially techno???
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onur_206 wrote:
i think 'The Fast And The Furious' series increased to using NO2 on the street cars.:lol: according to me, i agree with jsiladi, these people doesn't know what they did their cars. if using NO2 allowed on the street cars, motor companies could be prepared installation area about NO2. isn't it?
That movie did show however, what can happen when the NO2 is used. Much worse can happen if not properly installed like flying engine parts.. Question... Where does a cylinder head go when it blows off of the engine? Answer... Wherever it wants to.. Oh well.. More money than brains I guess.

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jeff, the question and the answer is perfect.:lol:
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seriously strange way to spend money
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Old Sep 10, 2005, 7:45 PM   #15
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Yes NOS is leagal in the US. Yes you can use it on the street. Yes you can use it at the drags. As for those over done cars. Most are just a showcase for a company and it's products. Other cases the owners are paid to bring cars to shows, and so on. Now would I want a car witth all those screens?, nope I don't evan want one DVD in my car.
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Old Mar 18, 2006, 10:46 AM   #16
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The funniest part is NOS is legal and a DVD player in the front of a car isn't. (At least in NC its that way.)
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Old Mar 19, 2006, 6:01 AM   #17
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nos doesnt really make any diff unless its in a big block v8. these japas usually gain around 50hp with a single shot. they are usually limited by there water wells are the as so thin to provide efficient cooling. also the japs used forced induction with the likes of mainy turbo chargers which often create huge load on the engines alone. now adding nos to the equation is like another nail in the coffin.

V8s can double ther power under the influence of nos with around 1000hp extra on tap with the press of a button. injecting nos (which acts like highly compressed oxygen agent) enables the engine to combust a greater amoutn of fuel therefore generating more power. ofcourse engines that have such big gains need to be prepared for nos so high compression motors with strngthened blocks and internals are neccessary adjustments.

Here in NZ we have v8s that do 9.5 quarters and under nos they are doing lo 8s. amazing difference.
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What do you have against Idiots ? That SocialGroup isextremely Important to Our Economy. They wouldn't have Americas funniest Videos , Cops , Brittan's Most Outrageous Wrecks , Professional Football and Bill Maher. What makes you think your social group is Superior to theirs . They are Funner to watch and Really put every ounce of effort into their mental Conquests. Stop being such a Bigot.
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and they say just talking on a cell phone is distracting
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