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Hello all,

First I must correct my topic title, it was a Red Shouldered Hawk. Now I'll let you enjoy my...

"Rapturous Moment"

I was walking around in the yard with my brand new FZ30 in my hand looking for the perfect photo. I was filled with anticipation as I heldthisgem in my handready tocapture the world in a way I'd never been able to before with my older point and shoot cameras.

Suddenly, I heard a plaintive cry. I realized it was a hawk. Thrilled that I might have an opportunity to capture something rare in my suburban neighborhood, something that I've not seen in the wild much less from my own back yard, I quickly and quietly began to search the trees around me. I could hear his plaintive cry every so often so I followed the sound until finally, I found him, a Red Shouldered Hawk in all his glory perched majesticallyon a chain link fence. Not a particularly artistic location, I thought, but perhaps, (rethinking optomistically) interesting that he was out of his normal element and visiting mine.

I carefully lifted my camera and began shooting pictures, thrilled with my 12X zoom capability and thankful for OIS. He sat happily on the fence for some time looking back at me every so often, curious about my momentaryobsession. Then he began to move a little, looking a bit restless. My heart began to race somewhat as I thought I might get a picture of him flying off the fence. What a wonderful shot that would be, with his wings stretched out taking flight into the air. I would get the shot I never dreamed possible!

I watched the large raptor intently through the lens of my camera as he positioned his head low, his legs slightly bent, readying himself. I had him in focus with my finger ready to finish the release at just the right moment. Suddenly, he moved and I quickly pressed the release button just in time to capture this rare photo of the Red Shouldered Hawk in my very own neighbor hood.

Attached Image (viewed 92 times):

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haha! Maybe it's a good thing he wasn't flying overhead...
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Nice shot.

Unique? Absolutely!

Rapturous? Depends on what it lands on. I checked the EXIF data, and on 2-28-06 at 4:48 PM, President Bush was on Air Force One on his way to India and Pakistan, so that wasn't it.

Give us a hint.
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I think that landed on the hood of my car! The squirt that is... not the Hawk!
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