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Old Aug 13, 2003, 9:26 PM   #1
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Default $$$ comment

Boy! We spend alot of dough on this photography
stuff, don't we??
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Sort of ....... but if you but the right camer aand stick to it .. .from there it is just prints.
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Old Aug 13, 2003, 11:11 PM   #3
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And if you make the camera pay you back all that money, it's even better! You could afford even more gear
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Old Aug 13, 2003, 11:33 PM   #4
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Default Compared

Compared to a lot of other hobbies it is cheap....and you can, if you wanted to, get along with nicely with a simple camera.
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Old Aug 13, 2003, 11:48 PM   #5
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Cheaper than my regular computing habbit!

The nice thing about digital is it's all paid for once you buy the hardware, unlike film cameras where you have to keep paying for film and processing (yes there's cost for charging batteries and burning to CDRs, but that's a pittance).

I've shot more pics with digital in one year than I did with film in 20 years due to lack of expenses. I can shoot 400 pictures on vacation without a thought, rather than having to worry about development costs after.
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Old Aug 14, 2003, 7:11 AM   #6
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I got right at $400 on eBay for my old SLR equipment, and I haven't bought a roll of film or paid for processing or even bought another camera battery since...so I think it's getting better...
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Old Aug 14, 2003, 10:33 AM   #7
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Eric steps up in front of the podium.
Eric: "Hi, my name is Eric"

Crowd: "Hi Eric!"

Eric: "I am... a photogear-a-holic."

Crowd: "That's all right man!" "We'll help!"

Eric: "I'm almost done, and then I won't buy any more. Really... all I need is a spare camera battery. And a flash.... oh, and some AA batteries & charger for it... and maybe a lens bag... and .."

And the crowd mobs the podium and Eric is dragged off to the insane photo-purchasing asylum.

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Old Aug 15, 2003, 6:29 AM   #8
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I think I'm in the same boat as Eric.

If I look back a year I was very happy with my Nikon CP4500, using it to take the occasional bird photo through my telescope. Then I started sneaking the occasional look at the Digital SLR forums. The rest is history, and £xxxx.

None the less I'm happy, and my girlfriend describes it as "a blameless pursuit". I've also got a cheap mortgage and I don't drive a car.
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Old Aug 15, 2003, 10:36 AM   #9
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Default ERIC!

Hey Dude, tou forgot the programable remote, and it's cheap at only 175 bucks! Oh yeah, there are still a few filters I'd like to try and if I could only get that certain printer I could make money ,right?
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Old Aug 15, 2003, 11:31 PM   #10
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I've been unemployed for the last 2 years. My parents give me cash for mowing the lawn and doing odd jobs around the house. Most of the year I am a full time college student, so I just don't have the time for a job.

I got a nice tax return from my last job in march of 02. I spent 1/4 of it on an Oly D-370. Over the next year I took about 2000 photos. Some were pretty good considering my outdated hardware.

Then I started looking online and seeing all the awsome photos people were taking with their digicams. I became completely dissatisfied with my current hardware. I guess it was at that point that I realized I had outgrown my camera.

Having spent most of the rest of the tax return on a fried computer, I went about searching my options. One night I was in the basement and noticed the camera that had been hanging on the wall as long as I could remember. I opened it up and was shocked to find an SRT 101. It was my dad's. He had bought it for his photography course in 1972.

I began to learn the real basics of photography with it. I learned all about arpeture and shutter speeds. I even bought used lenses on Ebay for under $10 apiece.

One thing continued to nag me. I couldn't do what I had loved so much about digital. That was, use the computer for editing and sending photos. I again started to search my options. I was this close to buying a film scanner when my brother in law, out of the blue, gave me $100.

My first thought was "great, a free film scanner"! But I really began to think things over, I mean, $100 doesn't just land in your lap every day!

One morning I was out camping and I decided to add up the real cost of the SRT. I realized that I was spending $7 a roll on film and development, plus $2 a roll on reprints, pluss $8 every third or fourth roll on enlargements. The grand total: about $200 in three months. And what did I have to show for it? About 50 photos that were worth printing, and 4 photos that were worth enlarging.

This was just not going to do. I was currently spending more money than I was getting from my parents on photography, and had little to show. It was then that I realized it was time to go back to digital.

Again, I searched all my options. I eventually found the A70, and took all the change from the buckets in the house for $70. I took $70 out of the bank, and "borrowed" $80 from my father. Once I had added my the $100 from my brother in law, I had just enough to pay for the camera and a case plus tax. Me and my father walked into our local camera store/lab, and bought it on the spot.

I haven't regretted my decision. In the first 3 weeks I took over 1000 photos. I have been printing about 5-10 photos a week, at a cost of around one to two dollars.

I have already put $70 back into the bank due to not paying for film and development in just 3 weeks.

That's my $ story,
Dan O.
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