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Default [b][u]Nikon Coolprix repair in Boston?[/[/u]b]

Hi, everybody!!
I have a problem with my Nikon Coolprix 4300 and in S.K. Grimes camera Repair the price for repair is 135 for labor and 20 for parts. It seems to me not perfect ratio. So, can anyone advice the other places in Boston for digital cameras repair? Or this price is OK? I have no experience in this area Thanks a lot in advance for any useful infomation.
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As someone who used to do repairs, it's not unusual. You have to consider that a camera is a complex instrument and they have to not only replace the part, then they'd clean the camera plus fully test the camera (depending on the nature of the repair it can take a while).

If you want a comparison of the rate, suggest you contact Nikon and see how much they'd charge.
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Realize that the camera was made in a non-1st world country where they paid the workers very little (and a lot of the process was done my machines.) It wasn't built by a person with the same level of technica skill as the person who would do the repair. Also reparing is very different than building.

Labor costs are expensive. This is why many people buy better modern replacements for something when it breaks. It's a pity, but the cost of labor can make it not worth repairing.

All that being said, I might have an idea or two. When you talk about "Boston" do you mean Boston, Mass? If so, you could call Calumet in Cambridge. I deal exclusively with John Savone (the "one" in the last name rymes with "own", so its pronounced "sa-vown".) He has treated me very well. I don't think they do the repair there, but they might. Also, they are an authorized Nikon dealer and they probably know somone who can do it. There is a shop in downtown Arlington where my dad has gotten lenses for the Nikon F100 repared. Of course, fixing a lens is different than fixing a consumer camera. I could try to get the name for you, but it won't be for a week, I'm going on vacation tomorrow.

Calumet is a "pro" shop, though. If you are near the Cambridge Side Gallerea, check them out (they are across the street from it.) They sell all kinda of stuff, but clearly they make their money servicing the Pro market. Their web address is:

I have found that they are consistantly the best price in town. If you know of a full service place which treats you well, I'm interested in learning of them.

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Thank you so much for all answers and your advices! I absolutely agree "It's a pity, but the cost of labor can make it not worth repairing", that was the problem as well “to fix or not to fix”. Fortunately, in my case I think the price is not SO high in comparison with itself cost and I decided to have my camera repaired in
S.K. Grimes Camera Repair, address 23 Dry Dock Ave, Boston, MA 02210. Phone: (617) 951 14 80.
Also I think you can send e-mail to "roberta gonzalez" [email protected], she can answer all questions.
There is a (6) month warranty on their repairs.
Now, I have to wait 2 weeks for the repair because they should order the part from Nikon. Once more, thanks a lot and have a super weekend!
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