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I don't know where to post this topic and figured this would be the best place.

I've been in the background gleaning the info from all the posters. Great forum. Intelligent and helpful posters. I would like to know if it is possible to shrink the horizontal aspect of the forum posts so as not to scroll along to read the posts or view the pictures.
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I don't think there is a way for you to alter the posts after someone as uploaded them, I also have a lot of trouble following posts with pictures that are that wide that they should be on a billboard :lol:. The thing is some posters just like to show you the size of thier equipment :roll:. You will have to do what I do IGNORE them read elsewhere, have fun

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The real problem is that the text also is very wide and a pain to read.
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The forum software we use (WowBB) works fine on most monitor resolutions (and the majority of digital camera users are going to have their resolution set to around 1024x768 or higher anymore). Even 800x600 is fine for reading posts without worrying about the need to scroll in most threads.

But, if someone posts a long URL in a thread, it will make the thread wider (if it doesn't see spaces within the text in a line, the word wrap won't work until the end of the line), depending on the browser being used.

Ditto for a larger image. We ask that users limit their attached images to around 640 pixels wide. But, some users don't notice the "sticky" threads we have about posting images, and post very large images anyway.

See the two posts about attaching images in the Announcement ("Sticky") Threads at the very top of the threads list in our General Q&A Forum, like this post from Steve asking that images be kept to around 640 x 480 pixels for proper display here. You can get away with a little wider. But, keep our members that may have monitors set to 800x600 in mind. I usually keep my photos to around 720 pixels or less on the wide end.


So, when members post images that are too wide, that makes the entire thread page wider, requiring readers to scroll left and right to see the posted text.

What browser are you using, and what resolution is your graphics card set to?

I use Firefox more than any other browser lately, and I find it to work OK (with some "quirks" from time to time that I got used to). The forums software is actually optimized for Internet Explorer though.

I've also tried Konquerer, Opera and Sea Monkey, and those browsers seem to work just fine for viewing threads here (I can see threads without any left/right scrolling, provided there are no wide images or long URLs in any posts on the page being viewed).

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