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Hello, for quite a long time I'm struggling to do something that I thought would beeasy. I've got a Sony DSC-W5, it is very comum to get all the MPEG videos created with my cameraand convert to AVI/DIVx to reduce the size of the videos, etc...

Because of the niceand big 2.5 LCDScreen of this camera and the 2Gb Memory Stick I've got some time ago, I decided to do the opposite. I wanted toconvert some small videosI've got that were inAVI format andwatch im my camera.

But when I convert those videos to MPEG and copy to my memory stick (into a folder DCIM and named MOV00001.MPG) the camera doesn't seem to be able to play the movie, a message saying "WRONG FILE" appear with the file.

Have anybody tried to do something like that?Are there special settings in the MPEG that the camera will play?


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Sorry for sending all these posts...
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You should understand that modern digital video files (especially the "MPEG-4" family)are far more complicated than the "file extensions" (eg. AVI, MPG) they represent.

"AVI" and "MPG" are merely "containers" or names given to represent a video file ina PC. With advances in digital video, they are now very different from what "AVI" and "MPG" are originally created for - the original "AVI" in Windows are uncompressed video files (like picture "flip books"), and the original "MPG" in Windows is a simple, low-compression video format (MPEG-1).

Nowadays it is the "codec" (COmpressor-DECompressor) that determines the video format. You may find this little program useful to find out what codec the movie uses:


Sony digital still cameras makes MPG files using the MPEG VX (also EX and HQX) codec, which is a proprietary MPEG-1 codec. I don't think, in essence, it is much different from the generic MPEG-1 codec (like from Windows), but Sony just loves making everything "proprietary" (like InfoLithium battery, MemoryStick, ATRAC audio, BetaMax ..... hahaha!). There may be some specific codes or information written into the video files (eg. in the header) created by the camera itself, which is recognized by the camera so that it will play the video. That may be the reasonwhy video files not created by Sony cameras cannot be played.

There is a solution from another thread in the Sony forum (I won't take credit for it):


The Makayama Digital Camera Media Studio:

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I've got a Sony DSC-W50 and I want to be able to transfer my edited videos back to the camera too.
I haven't tried Digital Camera Media Studio - but I notice the comment about the poor quality in the other post.
My low-tech solution is to use a tripod and point the camera at my laptop screen.
Works ok for viewing on the camera's LCD screen.
Of course I'm interested in a better solution, preferably free.

I asked Sony Australia but they told me there are no free utilities or codecs available.
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