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I just found a folder of various pictures that I downloaded saved a couple years ago because they were amazing. They were the types of photos that caused me to pursue photography, buy good gear, and always improve my technique.

They're all crap. What happened to them?
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What do you mean, "They're all crap".....? Do you mean the files got corrupted or that the pictures are fine, but you just don't like them anymore?

If it's the latter, there's an old saying that covers it: You can't go home again.

Experiance and knowledge chages a person's sensibilities. Maybe now when you look at the images that once so inspired you, you can pick out all the artistic and technical flaws that you couldn't see before.

Your standards have gone up.

It's strange that your perception of the shots took such a huge nose-dive, though. I can see them losing their "luster" so to speak, but to go from life-changing to crap is unusual.

Boy, will my face be red if you meant the files are corrupt! :O

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Old Oct 28, 2006, 5:35 AM   #3
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Grant, I know what you mean about apparent quality going down. Now, when I look at photos in a magazine, I see lots that I would not post on a photo web site, and years ago, I just wanted to be able to shoot something good enough to get it published.
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The problem is that all of the photons you captured have not been cared for properly and are now showing their displeasure. If something is not done soon, that great picture of your Aunt Nelly will have the top ofher head cut off. The sunset photos will be nothing but oversaturated blurs with purple fringing. A telephone pole will sprout from your Uncle Fred's head. Highlights will be blown. Shadows will be blocked.

The solution is to comingle your unhappy captured photons withphotons that have beenhappily captured for a long time. Store your photos with images from the masters. Carry some of them with you when you visit art galleries. That might not help the ones that have already become unhappy, but is likely to make the photons you capture in the future pleased with their confinement.
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