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I've heard that some digital cameras have an option to size the LCD display to the correct print dimensions. I don't believe the S3 has that? I'm a little frustrated in that I frame my shots by the LCD monitor and always forget that in print sizing it comes out to be 4.5x6 rather than 4x6... I'm considering putting black tape across the LCD, but that just seems like such a tacky solution. It's been hard when I take a picture, especially a close up of my 6 year old and then end up having to cut the top of his head off or try to add more to the edges of the photo with Photoshop. Any ideas?

Also, one of the main reasons I bought this camera is the lens and the macro option. I love this camera, but can't seem to totally understand how to use this option, as many times when I try to take closeups of flowers the camera jumps out of focus instead of in when I press it halfway... it doesn't seem consistent though- is this because I am not shooting a flat surface? Any help would be appreciated!!

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I took some pictures indoors yesterday. I was probably closer than 50cm, and in regular mode, you must be at least 50cm away. I was probably too close, and that's why I got blurry "regular" pictures. So I decided to use macro mode.

I need to read the manual more and practice more. But I think there is more than one "zone" in macro mode. First, there is the "30 to 50 cm" zone, then the "90 cm to infinity" zone. If you zoom in a little first and then zoom out, you can get a "10 to 30 cm zone". I do not know how to get "as close to 0 cm" that the advertising talks about (super-macro mode), but as I said, I need to read the manual more.

Did you press the button half-way down while using the zoom in macro mode? You might have been close to the edge of one of the "zones". I was about 50 cm away from the subject, close to the edge of the 30 to 50cm zone. I don't remember exactly, but my problems sound a lot like what you said.

In macro mode, I think I moved the camera closer than 50cm and moved the zoom in to the "30 to 50 cm" zone, so they agreed. Then I got several good, sharp pictures in a row.

When I pressed "disp" in playback mode, the distance the camera chose for auto-focus was not displayed. But I believe the information is in the EXIF data (or Canon 'makernotes') somewhere. I need to do more work to find out if this is true.

I hope this helps. Keep practicing, we will figure this out together.

Standard film is 24 by 36 mm, a 3:2 ratio. Prints are often 4 inches by 6 inches (3 to 2 ratio). But digital is often a 4 to 3 ratio. With film, I do not lose information when I have prints made, but on digital I will. Thank you for helping me learn -- I did not think of this before.

Perhaps I will zoom in less when I shoot, so there is room to cut things off the side like you mention. Our cameras have enough pixels that we will still have great images, even if we blow up an image to a fairly large size.

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Good to hear from someone going through the same issues! Appreciate your info, and I DO need to find the time to go through the manual a bit more, but it can be tedious ;-)

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every digital camera i've owned has been the same, so i'll assume it is with your s3is. in order to change the viewing area to a 3:2 ratio, you need to go to the resolution setting. it should have several options (6mp, 5mp, 3mp, etc.) - i think yours is 6mp if memory serves me correctly. anyways, there should be a '6mp' option, and also a '6mp 3:2' option. i'm not familiar with canon's menu system, so you may need to look around in there, but it should be there somewhere.

with regards to macro on point-and-shoot cameras (such as your own), the close focus is usually selected by pressing a button (usually referenced with a flower drawing). the specs for your camera can be found in your manual, macro generally ranges from 3-10cm minimum focus distance on point-and-shoot cameras. yours should be no different. one thing that you cannot do in macro mode, is use the camera's zoom. this will cause the image to blur, usually at any range of the zoom other than wide open.

hope that helps (and is accurate!)!
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