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I've seen this question inother forums. What does 100% crop mean? They never used that term in film.
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I think that this refers to sizing an image on-screen to 100% -- that is, all of the image pixels are displayed on the monitor at their full size -- and then cropping out a portion of this image. The resulting crop is a 100% crop.

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Your monitor can display maybe 1600x1200 pixels and probably less. Most cameras make pics with far more pixels than this. When you see these picture on the screen your computer shrinks the image for you. As a result, you do not see the actual pixels. The computer creates pixels by looking at several pixels of the original image and then deciding what colour the one pixel it will use to represent them will be on your screen.
A 100% crop is when the pixels you see are the actual pixels of the image. With an image of more than 2MP or so the whole pic will not fit on screen so the 100% version is cropped.
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And for a handy pictoral example, here's an image resized for viewing on screen:

And here's a 100% crop of a portion of the full sized image, so people can see the level that's in the original:

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