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I think I am going to buy the K100D. If it turns out that dSLR isn't for me after all, how much can I expect to get for it if I decide to sell it in the near future?
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if you ended up selling it on ebay (i'm sure that won't be the case, you'll probably enjoy it very much!) i'm sure you'll get very close to the amount you paid. make sure you buy from a good merchant! i bought my DL from buydig/beachcamera and was very happy with the purchase, several other online retailers are also reputable to deal with.

if you ended up going that route, some tips i've learned are to make sure the auction ends in the evening, a weekend evening is best, post a photo of everything included in the auction listing (i.e. where people will see it when looking at everything else), bold makes it stand out too - subtle things do help with selling stuff on ebay.

you could've asked all these questions in a single post you know! :-)

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Contriver wrote:
I think I am going to buy the K100D. If it turns out that dSLR isn't for me after all, how much can I expect to get for it if I decide to sell it in the near future?
It might help to figure out why you are hesitant about the DSLR and maybe that can help guide you to deciding if it is really for you.

My only fear in you buying a DSLR and returning it for whatever the reason, is that I suspect you might actually end then buying the P&S camera and regretting that you returned the DSLR. I say this basedon if you were to makeside by side picture quality comparisons of low light pictures. A Fuji P&S might make you more happy than somebecause they seem to handle the noise farily well, but a DSLR is still the better tool if you are willing to learn a little bit about photography basics.

I have seenmany forum users here who were on the fence about P&S verses DSLR and many end up getting a DSLR after trying out a P&S camera. I don't know many who do the oposite. I was one of them.

After many years of losing interest in SLR photography, I did all the rersearch, looking mainly for compacts I ended up looking at larger ultrazooms and toyed with the idea of a DSLR. Ihesitatedon the DSLR and bought a Panasonic FZ30. It was a big mistake, but I was fortunate sionce it cost me nothingsince I got a full refund. I did get stuckwith theSD memory card, but I actually needed one for mycamcorder so that I can takestills with that.... soin my book no loss.

I ended up buying a DSLR, which I love, but that's not the end of the story.I still saw a need for a compact P&S for my wife as she would not really enjoy taking pictures with the DSLRand for those times when only a compact digicam will do.

I know buying a camera to suit every need and whim is not realisticor affordable for some. That's why it's important to determine exactly what the intial intended use is. I would say that if the primary use is travel and family stuff almost decent low noise P&S will do. If however the intent is become a hobbyist or greater, then I would say DSLR is probably a better alternative.
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To check what K100D's are selling for on ebay, do an Advanced Search on ebay for"completed auctions" for the K100D. That will tell you what the market thinks a used K100D is worth.

FWIW, I sold my *istDL after 6 weeks of use so I could buy the K100D when it came out. I got a really good deal on the DL (~$325 after rebate for the kit), and sold the body by itself for $380. I think I got lucky, since the rebate deal on the DL was over and that was a good price for a dSLR at that time. You probably won't have the same experience with your K100D if you choose to sell.

Ask yourself how much you're willing to pay for a dSLR "experiment". I'm guessing it will cost you a net ~$100 to buy, use and then sell a K100D. If you follow the auction suggestions listed in an earlier post, you may cut that to ~$50-75.

Personally, if you think you want a dSLR, you probably won't be happy with a P&S. I tried several nice P&S superzooms, but since I got the dSLR 6 months ago, my photography enjoyment has gone way up.

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