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How do I calibrate my flat screen TFT monitor for proper colours when printing ?

I am using photoshop Elements 5.0


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Hi Daz,

As you have Adobe Elements then you can use Adobe Gamma to set up your screen. This will give probably a 90% accurate setup which is a very good start. You will then need to play around with your printer settings to get an accurate reproduction.

However there is a better way (although not free) and that is to use something like the ColorVision productshttp://www.colorvision.comwhich will give excellent results. I have not used these on my own system but seen them demoed and they look good.

Hope that helps.

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Hi Daz,

We fought with our color for a while, getting decent results using Adobe Gamma and some online calibration charts. But were still not really happy with what we were getting from monitor to printer. We broke down and bought the spyder 2 from color vision and have been very happy with the results.The colors/brightness we have on the monitor are very, very close to what is printed. With a few more tweaks it will be perfect!

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As Mark1616 says, Adobe Gamma is part of Elements, and can be used to calibrate your monitor to your printer.

Display a picture ( a Gretag McBeth color chart or Kodak chart is good for this) .

Print the color chart you are going to use, with default settings on printer and color management turned off in Elements.

Open Adobe Gamma Loader (should be in your startup folder). Use the advanced settings and ignore the color blocks in Adobe Gamma. Adjust sliders to obtain a color match to your printed color chart.

This method will only work for the specific printer and monitor you use (and paper as well), so it shold not be used if you plan on having pictures printed somewhere else, unless you have unaltered Jpegs from camera, in which case the Exif and PIM data will provide the printer with what it needs.

Disclamer: this method works for me, YMMV

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Keep in mind that the human eye perceives transmitted color and reflected color differently. Matching the color of an image on your screen to the color of an image on paper is a tedious process, the results of which you may never actually be satisfied with.

I just stick with the ICC profiles for everything, and live with the results.You see, I'm a computer consultant; I have other things for which I need to beat my head against the wall.
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