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I've done a lot of searching and have been stumped in my search to find cameras with built-in GPS capabilities. Of course I found the Ricoh Pro G3, but 3 megapixels doesn't cut it.

I read Nikon's new digital SLRs can embed the GPS metadata in the exif, but the GPS unit is peripheral, a third party accessory.

I am astonished the camera industry has been so slow to pick up on convience and cool factor of GPS + photographs. Maps have always turned the world on its head. In a sense, geotags create high definition or live maps.

Is it ridiculous to ask for a prosumer (or a quality point and shoot) camera with has GPS in it?

Anyone know of a solid gps-capable camera?
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You've listed the only one that I know of, the Nikon DSLRs can have a GPS added. A quick look shows that they use a cable and you can add a third-party GPS to it. I had hoped that they had a GPS unit that screwed into the tripod mount - or something similarly slick.

I fully agree with you, BTW. I think it would be a great feature. There are a variety of mapping software programs that will read the GPS location directly out of the picture and make a web page with the pictures places on the map as icons (which are links.)

It's very slick.

Unfortunately cost is probably the largest driving issue in camera design right now, and adding an expensive option like a GPS as a built-in feature would raise the price quite a lot.

You probably don't want to hear this, but in about 10 years or so, the replacement system for GPS will be working and it should allow for smaller receivers, lower power receivers and work better under trees. Lets hope they aren't waiting for that to appear before embedding it.

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Sony has a http://www.sonystyle.com/is-bin/INTE...ductSKU=GPSCS1that works with several of their cameras.
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On which Nikon's is that available and how is it connected?
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