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In case i haven't mentioned it enough, I'm in the process of buying a Pentax K100D with the 18-55 mm lens kit.

the specifics:
- I have a Canadian Credit card and paypal account which alot of Online vendors don't take
- I am having it sent to a U.S. address, however, so just searching for 'international shippers' might miss a few vendors
- As it stands now, I have settled on B&H because they take my credit card and are reputable
- There are cheaper, from places like RiteBuys but the ratings/comments for those on resellerratings.com make me squirmy
- Beach cameras is about 50$ cheaper than B&H but won't take my credit card
- There is a Pentax Rebate available until Jan 9ths, that my friend in the U.S. can claim but has to me postmarked within 30 days of purchase, so the closer i get to Jan 9, the more nervous i get that i might miss the deadline for that.

my question:
In your experience, will any online REPUTABLE vendors, such as B&H, that take international paypal or credit cards, have any post christmas sales? Should i hold out a few days and wait? I'm getting so antsy....but I'll do anything to save money, cause the more money I save, the more I can spend on accessories and goodies...

Is there anyone else waiting to see?


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Have your US friend buy it at Beach with their credit card now and get the rebate. Wait long enough, and Pentax will come out with a new model that you will like better, but it will cost a lot more. Wait for the price of that one to come down...etc...etc...etc...

Bottom line, you have no camera...

Just buy it!

the Hun

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Old Dec 26, 2006, 5:24 AM   #3
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I wish it were that easy... Then I have to somehow transfer my money to hers (paypal charges a fee over 400$ a month transfers, as does our German and Canadian bank accounts - the fees from either may not be worth it, esp since i want to make it as easy as possible on her as she is doing me a huge favor as it is)

However, a kick in the butt might be just what I need. Yes, I know i'm slow and you make a perfectly valid point about waiting....I'll wait it out today, see if anyone has any top secret buying advice for me, and then order tonight after the chitlin goes to bed.

eta: that also gives me time to see if should order the memory from the U.S. too, or see if we have comparable prices in Europe.

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